eggs have been popular food since ancient times because they are rich in high-quality protein. Before the reform and opening up, eating eggs was a symbol of a good life. Today, eating eggs is already a part of people’s daily diet. We even call for not eating too much every day to avoid excessive nutrition.

there are many ways to eat eggs today. The common ones are boiled eggs, steamed eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs, spread eggs, egg soup, scrambled eggs, and even some people return to the original nature to eat raw eggs, beer boiled eggs! Such rich egg eating methods not only stimulate our taste buds, but also enrich our dining table culture.


, but people can’t help but ask, which one is more healthy from the perspective of nutrition? In terms of the absorption and digestibility of nutrients, boiled eggs are 100%, scrambled eggs are 97%, tender fried eggs are 98%, old fried eggs are 81.1%, boiled and milk boiled eggs are 92.5%, and raw eggs are 30% – 50%. Therefore, boiled eggs are the best way to eat, but we should pay attention to chewing slowly, otherwise it will affect absorption and digestion. However, for children, or steamed egg soup, egg soup is the most suitable, because these two methods can make protein release, easily digested and absorbed by children.


protein digestion ranking list (good low)

excellent: boiled eggs with shell. Studies have shown that the protein digestibility of boiled eggs is as high as 997%, which can be absorbed and used by human body.


are excellent: fried poached eggs and spread eggs. The digestibility of these two proteins were 98%

excellent: fried eggs, protein digestibility was 97%

excellent: steamed eggs, protein digestibility was 93%

low: raw eggs, protein digestibility was only 30% – 50%

low: Beer diluted, protein digestibility was 30%

vitamin preservation ranking list (excellent low),

excellent: boiled eggs with shell. Heating temperature is low, nutrition is fully retained,


are excellent: steamed eggs. When the heating temperature is lower, the loss of water-soluble vitamins such as riboflavin and lutein is less.

excellent: boiled poached eggs. When the heating temperature is lower, the water-soluble vitamins have a little loss. The


are low: fried eggs. When the heating temperature is higher, the fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, and water-soluble vitamins are all lost. When the heating temperature is high, all the vitamins are lost. The


are low: scrambled eggs. The higher the heating temperature, the more vitamin loss.

I believe that through the above list, you can see how to eat eggs, the highest absorption rate of nutrition. Boiled eggs, boiled eggs, boiled eggs, etc.

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