cooking is indeed a physical work, hard work, the problem is that if it is not delicious, you have to throw it away. In fact, if you want to make delicious food, you should not only prepare a cookbook, but also learn some tips to save time and make the food more delicious!


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cooking fish is a headache for many cooks, because it is easy to turn a complete fish into fragmented “fish meat scraps”. In fact, it is better to cook fish when the soup has just passed the fish. After the soup is boiled, simmer at a low heat until the soup is thick and fragrant. When simmering, pay attention to less turning the fish, but you can gently shake the pot.

2. Skilful scaling method

scraping fish scales is very easy to make yourself “fishy”, splashing scales are likely to make you all over the body and head. Is there any good way to avoid fish scale splashing? You can put the fish in a large plastic bag, put it on the chopping board, beat the scales on both sides repeatedly with the back of the knife, and then gently scrape the fish scales with a spoon into the bag, and the scales are scraped clean without splashing. How to stir fry eggs to taste good?


scrambled eggs are very simple, but it is not easy for you to make a first-class export-oriented egg. We need to put the eggs into a bowl, then pour in warm water to stir evenly, and then put them into the oil pan to fry the eggs. Remember to drop a little wine into the pan when frying, and the taste of the eggs will rise to a higher level. How to make shrimp delicious?


rub shrimps with refined salt and edible alkali powder. After rubbing for a while, soak them in water, and then wash them with water. In this way, the fried shrimps are transparent as crystal, and tender and delicious.

5. How about half cooked rice?


cooks who are just starting to cook may have cooked into sandwiches. In fact, you don’t have to be afraid of Jiasheng. You can do it with these tips: 1. If it’s rice sandwiched, use chopsticks to pierce some holes directly into the bottom of the pot, and then sprinkle a little yellow wine into the stew again; 2. If the surface is sandwiched, turn the surface layer to the middle again; 3. It’s really fierce. You can add more water to the rice and boil a pot of porridge again.

6. Stew tips

when stewing meat, the seasoning is very particular, not randomly poured in, we should first put tangerine peel into the stew, and then put in the meat, cut some small lines on the meat, so that the meat taste more refreshing, and rich flavor, and will not be greasy. When frying eggs, put the eggs into an oil pan and sprinkle a few drops of hot water on the side and on the top of the eggs to make the egg surface complete and tender. If you want to fry the egg skin thin and tough, you can fry it over low heat. In this way, boiled bone soup is more nutritious. Method 1. Add 1 teaspoon vinegar to dissolve the phosphorus and calcium in the bone in the soup and preserve the vitamins in the soup. When cooking spareribs soup, put several pieces of fresh orange peel, not only delicious, but also reduce the greasy feeling.

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