recommended reasons: avoid excessive obesity.


tofu is rich in high-quality protein, calcium and soybean isoflavones, providing energy and nutrition. At the same time after drinking soup will occupy a certain space in the stomach, so the intake of other animal food will be reduced, avoid excessive energy intake on holidays, leading to obesity.

on Tuesday: steamed Wuchang fish

recommendation reason: both body and taste can be achieved.

can’t avoid fish and meat in holidays. How can you make yourself have a good appetite and not take more energy? The best way is to replace animal food with fish, which is high in protein but low in fat and rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Suitable for mothers to be, fish 2-3 times a week.

Wednesday: straw mushroom chrysanthemum dish

recommended reason: use food to improve resistance to


. During holidays, there are more people. Mushrooms belong to bacteria and algae food, which contains some polysaccharides, which is helpful for improving immunity. Chrysanthemum vegetables contain more dietary fiber, which can help moisten the intestines and relieve constipation, and take away the fat during holidays to avoid excessive obesity.

Thursday: carotene dumplings

can’t avoid relaxing during the holidays. They will watch TV, or watch parties, and eat foods rich in carotene to reduce pressure on your eyes. Ha ha ha ha, eat more dark green vegetables. Dark vegetables account for at least half of the total vegetables.

Friday: lettuce leaf egg bun

recommended reason: Vegetarian

holidays, even if deliberately do not eat muddy, will never eat less fat, ha ha, so you can eat more vegetarian eat some vegetarian, such as homemade steamed stuffed bun, that is, flour provides carbohydrates, and the entrapped materials can be adjusted according to their own preferences, such as lettuce leaves to provide vitamins, dietary fiber, and then put some eggs to provide high-quality protein The nutritional value is high. And it provides less fat. It can effectively avoid excessive energy brought by holidays.

Saturday: Fruit tremella soup

recommended reason: to autumn drying

fruit contains pectin and other dietary fiber, which can moisten the intestines and relieve constipation, promote the excretion of cholesterol in the body, and effectively avoid excess energy. Therefore, eat a variety of fruits, for weight control is helpful. Tremella is refreshing to eat and can be dried in autumn. At the same time, it is easy to eat greasy in holidays. It is refreshing and delicious to eat tremella soup and adjust the taste at the same time.

Sunday: pancakes with millet and mung bean porridge

recommendation reason: the combination of


with the thickness of


properly eating coarse grains will help clean the intestinal tract, help the absorption of B vitamins and minerals, help to make nutrients more complete, help protein complementary and improve the utilization rate. At the same time, there are staple food, porridge, can also add water.


(editor in charge: Xu Xiaoyu)

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