friends from other places came to Beijing on the weekend and said that they wanted to invite me to dinner. I was very happy for her and agreed to her invitation. However, this is a love of meat owners, we came to a barbecue shop, I have been thinking about how to eat more scientific and nutritious barbecue? How about reducing the risk of cancer? My friend saw what I thought in my heart and laughed and said: I think it is difficult for you, a senior nutritionist, to solve this small problem! I’ll rest assured to eat, you can come to a point to solve the small trick of cancer! Open to eat…. Does


barbecue definitely cause cancer?

many people have heard such a saying: eating too much barbecue is easy to cause cancer. There are two types of carcinogens in barbecue: heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) exist widely in nature. Benzo pyrene (BAP) found in barbecue is one of them. These carcinogens are produced under the condition of high temperature heating.

effective methods 123:

if effective measures are taken, the production of these carcinogens can also be reduced.


method 1: the flue gas emitted from the roasting plate is extracted from the bottom, which not only has no smoke pollution, but also can effectively control the temperature, so that the meat will not be burnt, and greatly reduce the production of carcinogens.


method 2: using garlic juice, cinnamon powder, rosemary and other pickled meat slices, can reduce the amount of carcinogens produced during baking. For example: eat barbecue to eat more of these dishes: onions, white radish, potatoes, etc. The third method of


is to eat raw green leafy vegetables wrapped in roast meat, which can also greatly reduce the toxicity of carcinogens.

however, for meat, we still suggest that the healthy way to eat is to cook. Because when cooking, the temperature of meat will not exceed 100 ℃, which is far lower than the temperature required to produce carcinogens.

[Xiong Miao nutritionist] warm tips: when eating barbecue, eat more vegetables that can be eaten raw, and a large amount of vitamin C can block, resist, poison and carcinogen harm the body.

(editor in charge: Wang Jianqi)

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