According to a new study published in the recently published journal of the National Cancer Institute, young women’s risk of breast cancer is significantly increased if they drink alcohol every day.

researchers from the medical school of Washington University studied the drinking habits of more than 11000 women aged 25 to 44. The results of


showed that 1600 cases of breast cancer and 970 cases of benign breast tumor were found during the 10-year study period. During the first period of menstruation, a woman’s risk of drinking wine during her first menstruation increases by 34%. For every 10 g increase in alcohol consumption, the risk of breast cancer increased by 11%.

researchers also found that drinking an extra glass of beer, wine or spirits a day increased the risk of benign proliferative breast disease by 15%. These lesions increase the risk of breast cancer.

researchers pointed out that for young women, reducing alcohol consumption to less than one glass a day, especially during the period from the first menstruation to the first pregnancy, is a key strategy to reduce lifetime breast cancer.

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