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corn can be said to be the best anti-cancer products in grains. It contains rich dietary fiber, zeaxanthin, vitamin B6, nicotinic acid and other ingredients, and has the function of stimulating gastrointestinal peristalsis. Women’s intake of corn can help beauty and make skin more delicate, but also can delay aging, and even inhibit wrinkles. Taking corn for a long time can also reduce blood lipid and serum cholesterol. Under


, 39 healthy diet editors recommend several corn beauty recipes.

corn soup

raw materials: corn kernels, butter, milk, flour, soup.


1. Heat the frying pan, add butter to melt it;

2. Add a little flour to stir fry at low heat. After the flour is fried, pour into the stock, stir quickly, and boil it over medium heat;

3. Pour in milk, boil until thick, and then filter out the flour particles that have not been melted;


4. Add the corn kernels into the appropriate amount of soup, and put them into the blender to make paste;

5. Pour the filtered milk soup back into the pot, then pour in the corn paste just stirred, boil, and finally add a little salt and pepper to taste.

red bean and corn cake

raw materials: corn flour, adzuki beans, sago, sugar, cooked lard, etc.


1. Pick out the impurities in adzuki bean, clean it with water, put it in the pot, add appropriate amount of water, boil the adzuki bean with high fire, simmer it over low heat until it is ripe, add sugar and cook until it is completely dissolved;

2. Wash the sago, soak it in the water, add the prepared red bean soup, and stir until the sago is completely transparent;

3. Put the corn flour in the bowl and add water to mix, slowly add it to the red bean soup, cook while stirring, and stop cooking until it is elastic;

4. Take a clean rectangular basin, coat the inner wall with oil, put the boiled red bean corn flour paste in the steamer, steam it for about half an hour, take it out and cool it in the air;

5. Buckle the cool corn cake on a clean chopping board, first cut into long strips, then cut into pieces or slices, and put them on the plate for eating.

wolfberry chicken juice corn soup

raw materials: 50-100 grams of tender corn kernels, 15 grams of wolfberry seeds, an egg, a proper amount of chicken soup.



1. Steam and mash the tender corn kernels;

2. Then put them into chicken soup and cook them thoroughly;

3. Add Lycium barbarum seeds and cook for 5 minutes, hook up starch, use egg yolk, seasoning and edible.

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