winter, women are prone to cold symptoms, experts pointed out that women to strengthen resistance and cold resistance, may as well try the next winter tonic health food. Weak women can choose some “anti dry not greasy” flat tonic products, such as jujube yam porridge, rose ginger jujube tea and so on.


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in winter, women eat health preserving porridge to resist palace cold


. It is suitable for spleen deficiency and loose stool, deficiency of Qi and blood, malnutrition, deficiency of body after disease, emaciation and weakness.


are as follows: Chop yam; soak dry red dates into kernels and wash them; soak glutinous rice for 20 minutes; boil glutinous rice over a high fire and then simmer for 15 minutes; when eight ripe, add red dates, and then put yam powder into the pot; stir well and then boil for 15 minutes.

2. Drinking


during menstruation can warm the uterus and reduce dysmenorrhea. Ginger jujube tea has the functions of dispersing cold in warm, stopping vomiting, returning yang to dredge pulse, tonifying blood and Qi, drying dampness and eliminating inflammation. After drinking, it can promote blood vessel dilation, warm feeling all over the body, and has strong heart function. It can promote digestion, increase intestinal peristalsis, protect gastric mucosa and inhibit gastric ulcer.


method: wash the dried red dates, remove the core, cut a few notches with scissors; wash ginger and cut into thin slices or silk; prepare two tablespoons of rose sauce, or dry roses with rock sugar or honey; put all the raw materials in a teapot or cup, and soak them in boiling hot water for a moment, and then drink them repeatedly for a day.

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