in people’s impression, honey is a delicious food, and often drink honey has the effect of beauty. In the process of brewing honey water, there is an iron law that we all know, that is, it is best to use warm water instead of hot water, otherwise hot water will destroy the nutrition in honey. So, does hot water really destroy the nutrients in honey?

if we want to know whether hot water can really destroy the nutrition of honey, we should first understand what the nutritional ingredients in honey are. Honey is actually the nectar picked from plants by honey. It contains a lot of fructose (about 80%), a small amount of water, and a very small amount of minerals and vitamins.


from the nutritional content, honey is a high calorie, nutrition single food. Therefore, using hot water to brew honey will not destroy its nutrients, and when flushing honey, we do not have to worry about the temperature of the water. Can

Honey treat constipation?

some people say that if you have constipation symptoms, you can drink a cup of honey water in the morning, which can relieve constipation. The content of fructose in


honey is high. If you drink the honey water and have the effect of defecation, it may be that there is a “fructose intolerance” reaction. When a large amount of honey water is consumed, the intestinal osmotic pressure will increase due to the slow absorption of fructose by the intestines and stomach, and the water will flow to the intestinal tract, which can promote the wetting of feces and play a “defecation” effect.


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in addition, if the intestinal absorption of fructose is not complete, fructose will be transformed into organic acids under the action of intestinal bacteria, promote the peristalsis of the intestinal tract, and play the role of moistening the bowel.

from this, it can be seen that not only honey, but also some other foods containing fructose in our life can promote defecation to a certain extent. Therefore, as long as we usually eat more fruits and vegetables, naturally we don’t need honey water to promote defecation.

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