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food show chefs always like to add some “garlic water” instead of garlic powder, which is why? Because garlic, a good food, has some side effects. After eating garlic, gastric acid secretion will increase, capsaicin may stimulate gastric mucosa. However, it’s a pity not to eat it. It’s a good idea to make garlic water. Specific method: Chop garlic, put it in room temperature for 10 minutes, add cold boiled water, garlic water is made. It can be directly added to the meal, not only does not change the flavor, but also reduces the irritation to the stomach, and is safer. In addition, people with poor liver should not eat too much garlic.


have bad breath after eating garlic. Chewing gum or tea can temporarily relieve the breath, but it is better to drink a cup of milk slowly.

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