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and “water boiling” are recommended cooking methods in nutrition. On the one hand, they can remove the bad taste and ingredients of vegetables. For example, spinach, water spinach and other vegetables have high oxalic acid content, which will combine with calcium in the body to form calcium oxalate that cannot be absorbed. And water blanching, can greatly reduce the content of oxalic acid.

in addition, boiling water can help to remove some residual pesticides, but also play a role in sterilization, making food safer to eat.


but many people are worried that they are not cooked well and the vegetables are cooked in boiling water for too long. The loss of water-soluble nutrients will be increased if blanching time is too long. For example, the loss rate of vitamin C in Chinese cabbage is 60% after blanching for two minutes, while almost all of vitamin C is lost when blanching for more than 10 minutes. Therefore, blanching vegetables must be just right. The correct way of


is: the amount of boiling water should be large and the firepower should be sufficient. After vegetables are put into the pot, it is best to change color slightly. You can add 1% salt or a few drops of cooking oil in the boiling water to “seal” the surface to prevent oxidation. The above content of

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