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website that it is a wrong way for Cantonese to cook soup and drink soup. When stewing, the nutrition is all in the meat, and it is not good to drink soup alone. As a result, when people stew and drink soup, they often appear to be very tangled. Is this soup nutritious or meat valuable?

soup vs meat, “nutrition competition” who will win? After boiling for several hours, people think that the color of the soup will gradually change from brown and transparent to clear water. In fact, when it comes to nutrition, meat can be said to win by lying down.

first of all, let’s take a look at the nutrients in the noodle soup? After cooking, the meat will release some soluble substances, such as peptides, amino acids and so on. The content of protein in the meat is very small, which will not exceed 2%.


secondly, what are the nutrients in meat? Meat contains a lot of nutrients, some essential minerals are also very rich, such as calcium, iron, and protein content is about 10 times of soup. After comparison of


, it is clear who wins who loses.


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all say that it is better to eat meat than to drink soup. What’s the use of this soup?

since the nutritional value of soup is not as good as a piece of meat, what is the significance of drinking soup? In fact, drinking soup is of great significance!

1. Soup is very friendly to the stomach and intestines.

because of the low protein content in the soup, it is a good way for people with poor digestion ability to drink soup. If people with poor digestion can eat meat in large mouthfuls, they will not only be unable to absorb the ingredients in the meat, but will tire out the intestines and stomach.

2. Drinking soup can improve the complexion of anemic women and postpartum mothers. For women with anemia and postpartum mothers, drinking soup can also improve their complexion. This is mainly because the nitrogen substances in the soup can be quickly absorbed by the human body, which can gradually improve people’s appetite and make people’s spirit gradually better.


can be seen from this that it is a kind of healthy diet for Cantonese people to determine the ingredients of soup according to the factors such as physique and climate.

however, although the soup is good, but if you are caught by gout, it is better to drink less soup. In addition, when boiling, you should pay attention to less salt and oil, and the oil floating on it must be scraped away with a spoon. Otherwise, because you drink a few mouthfuls of soup, your weight will soar up, which is too much to lose.

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