1. Salt

if lard, chicken oil, and peanut oil not up to the selected peanut oil are used for cooking, a small amount of salt should be added before frying. For the peanut oil which can not reach the complete selection of peanut, iodide in salt can remove a very small amount of aflatoxin in peanut oil. For animal oil, adding a small amount of salt is beneficial to eliminate the residue of organochlorine pesticides.


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2. When cooking animal meat, salt can form amino acid sodium salt with amino acid components, which can make the meat taste more delicious. At this time, salt can increase the freshness. However, the amount of salt used to increase freshness must be less, too much salt will lead to poor meat quality. Add salt before cooking. If the oil we use is vegetable oil and there is no aflatoxin problem, it is best to add salt before cooking. This can reduce the loss of vitamins and other nutrients in vegetables during cooking.

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