experts interviewed: Professor Yang Li of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine

Dr. Rui Lili

Department of food and nutrition, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, after autumn, “autumn does not eat ginger”, “autumn melon bad belly”, “autumn eat fruit” and other food related proverbs began to affect the diet of many people, but are these proverbs really reasonable? This issue, “life times” reporter specially invited authoritative experts to give you detailed answers.

do not eat ginger in autumn

Professor Yang Li of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine said that this proverb is a little too absolute. It is not impossible to eat ginger at all in autumn, but the key is not to “eat more”. According to traditional Chinese medicine, dry weather in autumn is easy to hurt the lung, and ginger belongs to spicy food, and it is also hot. Eating too much spicy ginger is easy to produce internal heat, and the symptoms of “getting on fire” appear for a long time. Therefore, we should eat these foods appropriately, otherwise it may damage the lung, especially the people with lung heat and constipation. In addition to ginger, we should eat less spicy barbecue food such as chili and barbecue in autumn, because these foods are hot and lose a lot of water in cooking, so they are easy to get on fire after eating, which aggravates the harm of autumn dryness.

autumn melon bad belly

Yang Li explained that this proverb is also true under certain conditions, not everyone will have trouble eating melons in autumn. Watermelon, melon and other melon fruits are often cold. In addition, many people like to eat cold drinks in summer. In autumn, people’s spleen and stomach are in a weak state. Excessive eating of melons and fruits will aggravate the damage to the spleen and stomach. Therefore, “autumn melon bad belly” this proverb is to remind everyone, eating melons in autumn should be moderate, especially for people with weak spleen and stomach. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes diet to conform to the season. It is suggested that people should eat more seasonal fruits in autumn, such as pears, fresh dates and grapes.

eat fruit in autumn

there is a folk saying, “eat buds in spring, melon in summer, fruit in autumn and root in winter”. Rui Lili, PhD, Department of food and nutrition, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, said the proverb has a certain truth, and the “fruit” refers to nuts. Autumn is a good time to eat nuts such as peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds. Studies have shown that eating nuts regularly not only improves heart health, but also provides vitamin E and a variety of trace elements. The last thing to remind is that a lot of nuts snacks will be seasoned with salt, sugar, pepper, saccharin, essence, margarine, and even cover the freshness of nuts, so the original and stir fried nuts are healthier.




. Rui Lilly said that “sticking autumn fat” and “sticking fat with meat” came from the era of low living standards. This statement is not necessarily applicable to modern people, because “fat” refers to fat meat. How to paste it depends on people. For those who are thin, anaemic, hypotension, and afraid of cold, it is recommended to eat some beef and mutton when it is cool in autumn. If necessary, a small amount of iron rich food materials such as animal liver and heart are supplemented, and sufficient staple food is provided. It is beneficial to improve health and cold resistance. As for those who already have hyperlipidemia, fatty liver and overweight people, there is no need to deliberately increase the amount of meat. They can eat vegetables, fruits, coarse grains and other foods that can help control blood fat and weight. ▲

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