Oh, it’s just like feeding the brain with the energy needed to feed the brain.

The scientific breakfast of

should include four kinds of food: one is to provide energy, mainly the grain with rich carbohydrate content, such as porridge and bread; the other is mainly to supply protein, mainly meat, poultry and eggs; the main one is to supply inorganic salt and vitamins, mainly refers to fresh vegetables and fruits; the other is to provide calcium and rich in many kinds of food The nutritional components are mainly milk and soybean products


. When the glucose stored in the body has been exhausted, it is urgent to supplement energy and nutrition. However, many people do not pay attention to breakfast, often just eat a little, or simply do not eat. This is really easy, but the impact on health is immeasurable, whether to eat breakfast, how to match the varieties of breakfast, the impact on human health is extremely important.

five kinds of breakfast let you eat more stupid

western breakfast

suggestion: choose western breakfast, should add fruit or vegetable soup, in order to maintain a balanced nutrition, ensure the intake of various nutrients.

mm in order to lose weight, often fruit and vegetable juice to replace breakfast. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, which is conducive to clearing intestines and detoxification, and has the effect of reducing weight. The sugar content of fruit is monosaccharide, which can be directly absorbed to provide energy for the body. However, they can not provide enough energy to meet the needs of morning work. It’s easier to get hungry just by eating fruit, which will make you eat more calories.

fruit or vegetable juice

suggests that the calories provided by fruit and juice alone can not meet the body’s needs. It is better to take some carbohydrates to supplement enough energy, such as Chinese steamed buns, preserved eggs and lean meat porridge.

traditional mm mostly choose Chinese breakfast, buy a pancake fried dough sticks and go to work. In fact, the fat content of fried dough sticks is very high. Each fried dough stick has 220 calories. Fried dough sticks are high-temperature fried food. After high-temperature frying, a considerable amount of oil is absorbed, and the content of fat exceeds the standard seriously. Moreover, the nutrients are destroyed and carcinogenic substances will be produced, so it is not suitable for long-term consumption.

fried dough sticks

suggest: Chinese breakfast should not be eaten more than once a week, breakfast must be accompanied by vegetables or fruits, and the day’s lunch and dinner should be as light as possible, do not eat fried, fried, fried food.


office workers will prepare some snacks at home or in the company, such as snow cakes, biscuits, chocolates, etc., in case of emergency, or even use them as breakfast. In fact, this is quite unhealthy. Most snacks belong to dry food, which is not conducive to digestion and absorption for people in semi dehydrated state in the morning. Moreover, the main raw material of biscuits and other snacks is grain. Although it can provide energy in a short time, it will make the human body feel hungry again soon, and the blood glucose level will drop significantly near noon.

snack breakfast

suggested: it is not suitable to replace breakfast with snacks, especially do not eat too much dry food. Breakfast food should choose more moisture content. Some MM covet convenience, rely on a cup of instant noodles to support the whole morning. Most of the soup is delicious and delicious, but the instant noodles with high fat content are delicious. Moreover, the dehydrated vegetables of instant noodles can’t provide vitamins and fiber, so eating too much is more likely to cause constipation.

instant noodles

suggest: people who are greedy for instant noodles can choose to eat instant noodles without frying, such as instant rice noodles, macaroni or vermicelli, and it is recommended to use less soup. In addition, should eat more vegetables, fruits, or meal substitute food, to help defecate, if vegetable fiber instead of meal powder.

how to eat breakfast the most nourishing stomach

because of busy work or other reasons, many people often eat breakfast casually, even do not eat. Some people advocate “internal environmental protection”, that is, only drink some vegetable juice and juice that are refrigerated in the refrigerator in advance in the morning. They think that this kind of breakfast can absorb the nutrition of vegetables and clean up the wastes in the body. Zhao Lin and Bao Shanfen, two researchers in the Nutrition Department of the PLA General Hospital, believe that if you don’t eat in the morning, it will cause bile concentration and cholesterol crystallization, which will easily lead to gallstones in the long run, and increase the risk of stroke and myocardial infarction.


are also not suitable to drink frozen vegetable juice, iced coffee, iced juice and Iced Milk for breakfast, because the human body needs continuous energy supplement. Only by absorbing enough energy can the microcirculation of the body be normal, and the oxygen, nutrient transportation and waste excretion will be smooth. Therefore, in order to protect the stomach, we should pay attention to the following points:

one is to eat hot food for breakfast.


in the morning, the outdoor temperature has not yet risen, and the muscles, nerves and blood vessels of human beings have not yet relaxed. If you eat a cold diet, microcirculation will be affected and blood flow will be blocked. If you eat for a long time, you will lose your appetite, your skin will lose luster, you will feel phlegm blocking in your throat, and you will often catch a cold. This shows that the stomach qi is damaged and the immune function of the body is damaged. Secondly, breakfast should be reasonable.


milk and soybean milk are common foods in our life. They are rich in nutrition, so you can choose one of them. In addition to eating “thin” breakfast, but also with a certain amount of “dry point”. Cereal food can quickly decompose into glucose after absorption, and correct hypoglycemia after one night’s sleep. But the disadvantage of cereals is that they digest faster, and they will feel hungry after 2-3 hours. Therefore, it is necessary to eat some foods rich in protein and fat, such as eggs, bean products, lean meat, etc. In addition, to eat appropriate fruits and vegetables, not only can supplement water-soluble vitamins and dietary fiber, but also can obtain the minerals and trace elements needed by the body.


are alkaline food intake.

breakfast should not eat too much meat or too greasy food, because these foods contain too much fat

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