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Fuji is in the golden season to eat apples again. Fuji apple is the leader of the family. Shanxi Wanrong Fuji and Shandong Rongcheng Fuji are very good Fuji apples. They have good taste, thin skin, juicy, crisp flesh, high sweetness, and light starch taste. They all have red skin, pitting and vertical stripes unique to Red Fuji. Lack is delicious, no personality. Compared with Fuji in Shandong, the flesh of Red Fuji in Luochuan of Shaanxi Province is slightly loose, which is suitable for friends who like crisp apples. The sweetness is high, with a slight sour taste. The center of the fruit looks like a sugar heart, but it doesn’t stand out. The sugar content is amazing, reaching 17.1. This is probably the advantage of plateau apple. However, this apple is not sweet, and still maintains a relatively clear acidity. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the sweet and sour taste of friends. In the taste, the pulp is slightly compact and juicy, which is in line with the typical characteristics of Fuji apple.

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yellow banana looks like a child, sweet and sour is a child’s sweet and sour, but the flavor is not a child’s fragrance. Pulp noodles, moisture is quite a lot, so the taste is very special. The peel is thick.

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Red Star apple pulp feel similar to jonagon, soft, juicy, sour and sweet taste! It’s just that the flesh is a little hard, it’s still delicious! Friends who like soft taste will like it.

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Yanyuan Apple overall impression looks ugly and tastes very beautiful. The surface is dull, red and green is not bright, in short, ugly. But bite down to see another world, juicy, crisp pulp, sweet and sour moderate, commendable is close to the core of the place is still sweet!

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cattle in Gansu Province have the four characteristics of fragrance, cotton, sweet and red, which is what they have. Its flesh is soft and delicate like sand. It is sweet and slightly sour, with apple and flower fragrance. Absolutely is the first choice of Apple friends who like noodles! The only deficiency is lack of water (this is also a common problem of flour apples), and the skin is slightly thick. There will be unscrupulous merchants who pass off snakehead as snakehead, but fresh ones are crisp and will change face after a period of time. However, snakefruit is always crisp. Recommended index of


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