in our life has a variety of porridge products, each kind of porridge is different, of course, also has different nutritional components and value, so we can choose different porridge according to their own situation and taste, black rice porridge is a porridge that the majority of people like very much, so what is the practice of black rice porridge?


black rice porridge has many ways. The first one is to use black rice and brown sugar. First, clean the black rice and soak it in cold water for three hours. After picking it up, drain the water, add proper amount of cold water into the pot, and put the black rice in. First, use the high fire to boil it, and then turn to a low fire to continue cooking for an hour When thick, put the right amount of brown sugar for seasoning, cook for a while and then put into the bowl to eat.

The second method of

is to use japonica rice, black rice, tremella, jujube, soybean and sesame. First, soak the soybeans in warm water for an hour. After changing the water, continue to clean them. After the tremella is softened, remove the old stem, and remove the core of red jujube. Then, put the black rice and Japonica Rice in the water and put them into the pot, and then add appropriate amount of water into the pot The water begins to boil. After about an hour, put the soybeans, sesame seeds and red dates in and continue to cook, and then boil for about half an hour. Tip: you can also according to your own taste, add appropriate amount of sugar for seasoning.


black rice porridge has high nutritional value, so it is suitable for people in early pregnancy, but not all people are suitable. Poor digestion ability, the elderly and children should be used with caution, while patients with abdominal distension and urinary incontinence can not eat it. What is the practice of


black rice porridge? As for the nutritional value of black rice porridge, I believe we all have a certain understanding, but it is not suitable for all people’s food. In life, many people do not know how to do black rice porridge. In fact, there are many black rice porridge practices, and they are very simple. The above has a detailed introduction, hoping to help you.

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