and neighbors to the supermarket to buy milk, I am the first choice, pure milk or yogurt, and is a local brand, so the journey is short, updated fresh. The neighbors bought with me. However, she asked me a question: Bear seedling nutritionist, you come to have a look at this milk, this is reconstituted milk, what is called reconstituted milk? What’s the difference with ordinary milk? Tell me about it! What is the nutritional value of




milk is a kind of natural food with complete nutrition, suitable composition ratio, easy digestion and absorption, and high nutritional value. It mainly provides high-quality protein, vitamin A, vitamin B2 and calcium. The average protein content in milk is 3%, and the digestibility is over 90%. The proportion of essential amino acids in milk meets the needs of human body, so it belongs to high quality protein. The content of fat is about 3% ~ 4%, and it exists in the form of micro fat globules, which is conducive to digestion and absorption. Carbohydrate is mainly lactose, which can regulate gastric acid, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote secretion of digestive juice. It can also promote the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals, promote the reproduction of intestinal Lactobacillus and inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria. Milk is rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and easy to be absorbed by the human body, is the best source of calcium in the diet.


calcium supplement: dietary guidelines for Chinese residents suggest: eat milk, soybeans or their products every day. What is

what is “reconstituted milk”? The

reconstituted milk means that the concentrated milk (condensed milk) or milk powder is added with the appropriate amount of water to make the emulsion that is proportional to the water and solid content of the raw milk. According to the national standard, reconstituted milk can be used as raw material for yoghurt, sterilized milk and other dairy products, but reconstituted milk cannot be used for pasteurized milk. At the same time, the product with reconstituted milk as raw material should be marked as “reconstituted milk” or “water and milk powder” in the ingredient list. What is raw milk?


raw milk: it refers to the normal milk that is extruded from the breast of healthy dairy animals without any changes in ingredients, without adding foreign substances and without processing.

what is pure milk?


pure milk: also known as fresh milk and pure fresh milk. It can be seen from the ingredient list that there is only one ingredient, namely fresh milk.

what is yogurt?

yoghurt: fermented from pure milk, also known as fermented yogurt, not only has the nutritional value of pure milk, but also contains beneficial vitamins such as lactic acid bacteria, which can inhibit the spoilage bacteria in human intestinal tract and promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients. In addition, the lactose content in yogurt is reduced, which makes lactose intolerant patients easy to accept. It is one of the six health drinks recognized by the world.

what is flavor yogurt?

flavor yogurt: yogurt added with food additives, nutrition fortifiers, fruits and vegetables, grains, etc., such as flavor yogurt and fruit yogurt.

what is seasoned yogurt?


seasoned yoghurt: refers to the liquid product made by adding no less than 80% raw milk or reconstituted milk as the main raw material, adding other raw materials, food additives or nutritional fortifiers, through appropriate sterilization or sterilization lamp process. Mainly including breakfast milk, high calcium milk, high iron milk and so on.

what are milk drinks?


milk beverage: it is a common nutritional beverage, its nutritional value can not be compared with pure milk, ingredients in addition to milk, generally there are water, sweetener, fruit flavor agent and so on. When buying milk products, be sure to distinguish between milk and milk drinks.

(editor in charge: Wang Jianqi)

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