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eat on an empty stomach? Can you drink black coffee on an empty stomach in the morning? If you’ve heard the saying “people are what they eat”, you’ll know that everything you do or drink before a meal can have a long-term impact on your health. In this regard, Xiaobian lists 9 things that should not be done on an empty stomach. Don’t believe that fasting weight loss is more effective!

9 things should not be done on an empty stomach:

1. Taking anti-inflammatory drug

should not be taken on an empty stomach, whether it is aspirin, acetaminophen (a widely used over-the-counter pain and fever medicine) or non steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, etc., because taking them on an empty stomach may cause drug failure or cause serious health problems.


even some medicines are labeled “take before meals / on an empty stomach”. Smiling pharmacists say that “fasting (or pre meal) refers to” one hour before meals or two hours after meals “. In other words, it means that you can eat at least one hour after taking medicine, or take medicine at least two hours after eating a meal. Why are

? The pharmacist explained that it was found in the process of research and development or clinical trials that some drugs taken with food would lead to poor absorption and reduce the efficacy.

2. Drinking coffee

if you drink black coffee on an empty stomach, it may cause heartburn or other digestive tract problems, because caffeine can promote the production of acid in the stomach. In addition, if you don’t have the habit of eating breakfast, nutritionists say that if your body is hungry for a long time, all the calories and nutrients will be absorbed immediately after you start eating. In addition, if you don’t eat breakfast, it is easy to compensate State, easy to eat more, for a long time, not only obesity to come to the door, but also the problem of inattention, duodenal ulcer or gallstones. Drinking


3. Drinking


drinking on an empty stomach will increase the efficiency of alcohol absorption, and more importantly, alcohol will have a negative impact on the liver, kidney and heart. But if you really can’t get rid of the bad habit of drinking on an empty stomach, you can choose a iced non carbonated drink, or eat a small sandwich before you drink. Cream tastes better. Chewing gum

4. Chewing gum

when you chew gum, gastric acid will produce and destroy the inner layer of the abdomen, and if chewing gum too often, it may lead to gastritis; in addition, foreign studies have found that chewing gum people prefer to eat junk food, rather than fruits and vegetables. If you really don’t chew gum and you feel sick all over, you’d better chew it for 10 minutes, even if you’re full. Sleep


5. Sleep


, “hunger” and “hypoglycemia” will interfere with sleep, which will lead to shallow sleep or early awakening, and lack of sleep will also increase the level of ghrelin, so you will find that if you did not eat dinner last night, you will eat more in the next morning.

but eating too much before going to bed will affect your health. Nutritionists say that you should not eat too much for dinner. It is important to maintain the fixed time and quantity of three meals. No matter whether you are hungry or not in the next morning, you should have a good breakfast. All kinds of food can be taken appropriately. Once the hunger disappears, the stomach will be comfortable.

6. Exercise

some people think that fasting exercise can consume more calories, but in fact, fasting exercise will not affect the weight loss effect at all; nutritionists say that if you don’t eat, it will easily lead to lack of physical strength to exercise well (this refers to the type of muscle strength training). When you are too hungry, your physical fitness will certainly decrease, and the time and intensity of normal exercise will also be reduced Reduce the degree of muscle damage and fat burning.


nutrition further pointed out that, especially muscle strength training, muscle strength training is more important than the change of intensity to stimulate muscle growth, so-called lean constitution can be built after muscle strength training and basic metabolic rate are increased. If you exercise on an empty stomach, it will be counterproductive. The above content of

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