is in the cherry and bayberry season. Many people think that when they wash these fruits, they don’t dare to eat them. In fact, it’s not so terrible.

Red Bayberry and cherry have insects? No harm to human body! The insects in bayberry, cherry and other fruits are Drosophila and its larvae. The larvae are born to eat fruit pulp and live on the nutrition of fruits. They do not carry infectious bacteria and are generally harmless to human body. What’s more, the acidity of human gastric juice can kill fruit fly larvae. Even if eaten, these larvae will be digested as protein and will not survive or reproduce in the human body. If you don’t worry, you can soak it in salt water, so that the insects will run out. Excerpt from health times general No. 1422, 4th Edition, “a Myrica rubra 10 worms?” Do


have worms? It’s an animal organ! Cutting the head of a prawn shows that the white worm is not a parasite, but the testis of a male shrimp. There are not only prawns, but also skin shrimp and lobsters. In addition, clams and other shellfish in the body of transparent worm like linear, in fact, is the clam’s digestive organs; snow clam is the oviduct of the forest frog; Japanese cuisine in “shaobaizi”, using puffer fish sperm or semen; crab yolk, crab paste, mainly crab liver, pancreas and sex glands, can be eaten. Excerpt from health times general No. 1416, page 11, “shrimp and shellfish have insects? Don’t take it too seriously


rice noodles have insects? Put some insect proof bags! In midsummer season, rice noodles and mung beans are easy to grow worms. Rice noodles are insect proof. Use gauze to sew prickly ash or fennel into small bags (each pack of 10 grams of Zanthoxylum bungeanum or fennel), or put a few crab shells, turtle shells, garlic, in the rice, noodle jar or barrel, can be insect proof. Excerpt from health times general issue 1409, 5th Edition “fight against pests in summer rice and noodles”,


vegetables have insect eyes? Not necessarily without pesticides! Many people say that vegetables with wormholes do not have pesticides. In fact, wormholes can only show that vegetables have been damaged by insects, which does not mean that there are no pesticides. The vegetables with wormholes are more likely not to do a good job in the early prevention and control of insect pests, and after the completion of the drug, the pesticide degradation is less. Excerpt from health times general No. 1335, 4th edition of “caterpillar fungus may not be free of pesticides”

warm tips: most of the insects visible in food are harmless, if you still dislike it, you can find a way to dispose of it before eating. The above content of

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