The saponins contained in the mucus of

yam may be one of the allergens. Contact dermatitis may occur after human skin contact. The most common symptom is that the hand is itchy. In severe cases, symptoms such as redness, swelling and tingling may occur. The time of allergic symptoms often varies from person to person. Some people react quickly and itch when cutting their hands. Some people will have a reaction only after a period of time. At present, there are many clinical cases of contact dermatitis caused by yam.


however, the saponins which are easy to cause allergy are more afraid of heat. Therefore, if you are afraid of allergy, after peeling or cutting yam, wash your hands and dry them on the fire to relieve the itching. Of course, you can also nip in the bud. Before handling yams, you might as well wear rubber gloves or wrap a fresh-keeping bag on your hand, and then peel or cut into pieces. In this way, you can prevent contact with substances that may cause allergies, and you don’t have to worry about itching your hands. The above content of

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