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May 10 marks Mother’s Day this year. This video shows Xi Jinping’s mother talking to him over the phone during the Spring Festival in 2001. Xi was then governor of southeast China’s Fujian Province.

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  1. Lien Bang Duc May 13, 2020

    Mother of a red evil

  2. Naresh Kulkarni May 13, 2020

    Propaganda star, don't leaves his mother also from his political propaganda stream, after killing so many mothers in the world, separating several kids from their mothers, just for his evil political and economical will.

  3. Yaku Solares May 13, 2020

    Respect to mother China, Xi Jinping is a legend.

  4. 1⃣ 1⃣ May 13, 2020


  5. 怜怜 May 13, 2020


  6. Robert Schwarzenegger May 13, 2020

    What a great mother to have such a great son that taking care china and the world. Thank you.

  7. neelam gautam May 13, 2020

    Mr president
    Consider China tooo as your mother … not property .
    Behave human not hunter

  8. Saw Boh May 13, 2020

    ว้าว 555 : ) ♡

  9. Sasidhar Reddy May 13, 2020

    His mother would be ashamed if she knows what kind of person her son is……

  10. Shubham Tripathi May 13, 2020

    Xi's propaganda of influencing chinese people by the sentimental patriotic conversation

  11. 我住19楼 May 13, 2020


  12. Jammy May 13, 2020

    I wonder where all the comments against CCP are gone

  13. Nathan Chau May 13, 2020


  14. master blaster May 13, 2020

    Xi looks just like his mother 😘

  15. Alice Chen May 13, 2020

    Xi is a very down to earth guy

  16. patawoonie May 13, 2020

    You don’t have to be rich & famous to become world leader, all you need is to love your country, love your people and love your family

  17. Kulwinder singh May 13, 2020

    1insan dy dd cia

  18. Kulwinder singh May 13, 2020

    Budest expert chida Auret Da dy mared dy dd cia samlingk dy dd

  19. Kulwinder singh May 13, 2020

    1budest expert hire
    Manu chida dear

  20. Mansi Gaur May 13, 2020

    Its Just a propaganda of chinese regime to "humanising" his leader image . guys don't fall into the trap ..its the same CGTN who claimed mount everest is in chinese autonomous region of tibet and later deleted the tweet . china (wuhan) is where the virus originated . please REPORT this video ..so that youtube has to remove it . make china pay!!

  21. Mantikone May 13, 2020

    Good boy good boy my son, you will rekt the world. Kappa

  22. Dark Knight May 13, 2020

    Disgusting propaganda

  23. Notspecial Itsok May 13, 2020

    Xinping's want sentiments of people of china thats why he telecasted this video now, don't be emotional fool.

  24. Ken Man May 13, 2020

    China's propaganda does not work. The world know Emperor Xi is evil. No matter if he is using his own mother for propaganda.

  25. Anita Hsiao May 13, 2020


  26. Daniel Perez Ramirez May 13, 2020

    Behind a great man, there is a great mom!

  27. Wei Zhang May 13, 2020

    MR XI probably is poorest presidents in the planet : he only have one apartment in hanzhou when he was a president of zhejiang province, also bought it for his daughter who study in zhejiang foreign language school. The apartment in Beijing was peng li yuans , which was not own by them , it’s a public apartment for employees in 总政歌舞团

  28. Lemonade Citrus May 13, 2020

    What a blasphemy! Weeds are hard to eliminate than crops!

  29. Jesus Xi May 13, 2020

    My mom is the one that taught me how to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people and then blame it on someone else. I love you mom! Heil me.

  30. Freaking Global May 13, 2020


  31. Josh Js May 13, 2020

    God bless Xi jinping! Cheer up!!

  32. cafemarlene8 May 13, 2020

    Having observed em – one thing that always impresses me is that CHINESE families are very close .
    They are very respectful to their parents & elders. Something to admire.

  33. Senator May 13, 2020

    president for life…try something new

  34. Zeezee SD May 13, 2020

    Dictator some said he is.
    Reformer some said he will be.
    What he has done is action and evidence.
    No matter what was said, He is a son to a mother, father to child.

  35. Sum Ting Wong May 13, 2020

    She looks just like her son!

  36. Ronny Tan May 13, 2020

    God son 👍👍👍👍👍

  37. 反共道德 May 13, 2020

    He'll be dead in 4 years 🤗😇😆😂

  38. Cain Ra May 13, 2020

    IDC he's a monster.
    I'm happy she don't know the crimes of her son.

  39. A.T. Exploring May 13, 2020

    President jinxfing mother plz, request your son should try to change china ruling system so that public can leave freely without feel sopocated, coz all knows life comes ones for each down to earth which is fixed by suppream creator Havenly father,so here we should not imposed own power before this think as like same as one down to earth. Mother Why not you should teach him make china become be like another country of INDIA. 🤗

  40. MUHD JEGA May 13, 2020

    did his mother got advice him to stop killing the world or not?

  41. S S May 13, 2020

    Even In Western countries women are seen as a beauty pageant and also have minimum responsibility
    Mr Xi the best president of world, have his character got through his mother as we heard more from sources. China teaches responsibility to women like no other countries. China is prosperous because men share big responsibility with women

  42. Joseph Brunner May 13, 2020

    Brings tears to my eyes…..

  43. Seena Anil May 13, 2020

    Do you have a mother Xi…Stop this propaganda…you are a KILLER

  44. Sam L May 13, 2020


  45. Sam L May 13, 2020

    WOW, so that's the dowager empress of China?

  46. 56 wisdom May 13, 2020

    Xi Jinping is HIlter. dont let snake smile deceive you. Dont take that vaccine from china. The vaccine is the virus. run 4 your life !!!! run 4 your life. run from the ccp virus

  47. Jonathan Parchmont May 13, 2020

    Great men always come from great stock. President Xi is no different. Long live China and the Chinese people 🇨🇳 forever China 🇨🇳

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