vitamin A has the effect of regulating the metabolism of epidermis and stratum corneum. It can remove dead skin, remove wrinkles and improve the signs of aging. At the same time, it can reduce sebum overflow and make skin elastic and moist. Lack of vitamin A, can make epithelial cell function decline, cause skin elasticity drop, dry rough, lose luster. Want the skin to live younger, these four kinds of food rich in vitamin A quickly eat up!

1. Animal food

recommendation: animal liver

reason: animal liver can be called “king of vitamin a” in food. The vitamin a content of animal livers that people often eat is sheep liver, cattle liver, chicken liver and pig liver. Vitamin A directly absorbed from the liver is sufficient to supplement the daily needs of the human body. Fruit food

2. Fruit food

recommendation: mango

reason: the content of carotene and vitamin A in mango is particularly high, which is rare in all fruits. Beneficial to the improvement of vision, can moisturize the skin, is the beauty of women fruit. Mango contains a substance called mangiferin, which has obvious anti lipid peroxidation and protection of brain neurons, can delay cell aging and improve brain function. Vegetable food

recommendation: carrot

reason: carrot is the first vitamin a content in vegetables. Carrot mainly contains beta carotene, which has high nutritional value. 1 molecule can be transformed into 2 molecules of vitamin A. Carrot contains vitamin A, which is essential for normal growth and development of human body. It can improve human immunity and indirectly achieve the purpose of cancer prevention.

4. Plant food

recommendation: sweet potato

reason: according to the statistical results of the national nutrition database of the United States Department of agriculture, a medium-sized sweet potato can meet 40% of the daily vitamin a demand of human body, and the vitamin a content of sweet potato is often much higher than that of purple potato. Chlorogenic acid in sweet potato can inhibit melanin and effectively reduce the formation of freckles and senile freckles. It can also inhibit skin aging, maintain skin elasticity and delay aging.

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