my classmate Xiao Shi is pregnant. Her mother-in-law came to Beijing to take care of her from other places. Her mother-in-law belongs to the type of thrifty household. Every time she finishes her meal, she even drinks the remaining soup under the plate. She also “forces” Xiaoshi to drink it. She also says in a reasonable voice: “the nutrition is in the soup!”


must not be a small number of such old people. They have experienced a difficult life and can not see any waste. In their eyes, the vegetable soup is rich in oil and tastes delicious, which is “the best food to eat”, so they are not willing to throw it away. So, what are the nutrients in the soup? Should I drink vegetable soup or not? Which vegetable soup drank is not conducive to health?


on the one hand, there are many nutrients in the soup, because the cooking process makes part of the water-soluble vitamins, minerals and a small amount of bioactive substances dissolved into the soup, and the oil in the soup will promote the dissolution of some fat soluble vitamins, such as carotene, lutein, vitamin K, etc. From this point of view, the soup should not be wasted.

but on the other hand, many dishes contain a lot of oil and salt in the soup. The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that we eat 25-30 grams of edible oil a day. In fact, the average daily intake of edible oil per person in Beijing is 50 grams, nearly twice the normal range. This is especially true of salt. The World Health Organization recommends that we eat 6 grams of salt a day, but the average daily intake of Beijing residents is more than 13 grams. A high salt diet will not only increase the risk of hypertension, but also aggravate asthma, kidney disease and osteoporosis. Therefore, from this point of view, this soup is best not to drink.

to sum up, whether the soup is to be drunk or not should be analyzed concretely:

first, the dishes cooked by frying, frying and burning have high fat content in the soup, and the soup is not suitable for eating.


second, spicy dishes, as well as stewed eggplant, tiger skin pepper, ground three fresh, kung pao chicken and other dishes. The soup is not only rich in oil, but also rich in salt. It is better to discard such dishes.

third, steamed vegetables, stew soup, often low fat content, if the taste is relatively light, your blood pressure is normal, it’s OK to drink it. Fourth,


fourth, for cold vegetables, such as sweet and sour XinLiMei, the vegetable soup contains low oil content and less salt, and many natural pigments, vitamins and minerals are dissolved in the soup. Such soup is rich in nutrition, low in salt and low in fat, and can be drunk.

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