as the saying goes, “disease from the mouth”, many diseases are caused by improper diet, therefore, to prevent disease, we must “control the mouth.”. For men, diet can prevent two kinds of male diseases.

eating high fiber foods can help prevent prostate cancer

because men usually have more muscle than women, they need more calories every day. Moderately active men consume 2000-2800 calories a day. Your energy needs depend on your height, weight and level of activity. In order to better manage energy, weight and prevent diseases, men should eat more whole grains, such as whole wheat bread, pasta, cereal, brown rice, oats, barley, fruits and vegetables. These are high fiber foods that help control hunger and satiety, and are resistant to certain cancers, such as prostate and colon cancer.

eating less meat can prevent heart disease.

men are typical carnivores, because more protein equals more muscle. In fact, this is not the case, except in the case of sports participation. Men tend to think red meat is more masculine than other proteins, which often leads them to order steak. It’s not steak. It’s unhealthy. It doesn’t belong to whole grains and vegetables. In addition, male heart disease and colon cancer are associated with excessive meat consumption.


should eat less red meat. As an alternative, they should pay more attention to fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products. This will not only help you lose weight, but also lower your blood pressure. Cut down on saturated fat rich meat, cheese and fried food. Instead, choose unsaturated, heart healthy fats such as olive oil, rapeseed oil, nuts, seeds and avocados.

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