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Besides protein, chicken breast and fruit are good partners of

fitness meal. Did you ignore it? In fact, fitness people should be more excited, bananas in addition to delicious, nutritious, the most important convenient to carry, anytime and anywhere to take out can eat. What’s more, bananas are the top of the list of antioxidant foods, which can improve immunity and directly help us with heart and brain problems. But choose bananas with a few spots on the skin!


banana per 100g, calorie: 93 kcal, carbohydrate: 20.8g, potassium: 256mg. From the attribute point of view, and strawberry, grape, kiwi are relatives, belong to Berry. Berry is defined as a fruit developed from a single flower and a single ovary (equivalent to a female ovary). Berries, on the other hand, are at the top of the list of antioxidant foods published in the United States. Banana, for example, is rich in ingredients that stimulate the immune system and white blood cells. Choose a small number of bananas with black spots on the skin. They taste better, sweeter and easier to absorb. The reason why

must eat bananas. As long as it’s delicious, its popularity can be increased by 50%. Banana taste soft glutinous, instant melting in the mouth, natural sweet, so you can’t stop a mouthful.

2. Inhibit appetite, enhance satiety.

banana has higher calorie than other fruits, and the carbon water content accounts for 20%. Eating a banana can alleviate hunger, enhance satiety, and supplement muscle glycogen consumed during muscle exercise. And banana in the special flavor, can deceive the brain to delay sending out hunger signals, play a role in suppressing appetite.


banana can release tryptophan which can regulate mood. When the human body absorbs tryptophan, it will be converted into serotonin, which can improve the mood and make people feel relaxed and happy.

4. The beautiful legs here do not make your legs more slender and white, but the rich potassium elements in bananas, which can better help you stretch leg muscles, prevent muscle cramps, and make your leg lines more perfect after leg training.

5. Fitness versatile

easy to carry, whether it is a meal or dinner, can be a good match. And banana also contains rich vitamin C, vitamin B6, etc., can improve immunity, at any time for muscle supplement energy.

6. In addition to eating directly,


can also be used with salads, make muffins with oats, make milkshakes with milk / yogurt, and make ice cream after freezing.


eat two bananas a day. After a month, your body is likely to change as follows:

body and mind: full of physical strength and energetic.


banana is famous for its high potassium content, which has a wonderful effect on providing and restoring energy. Two bananas, can provide enough energy to maintain 90 minutes of intense exercise, no wonder many well-known athletes have it as the preferred fruit. The tryptophan in


bananas can effectively treat depression. When the body absorbs tryptophan, it is converted into serotonin, which can make people relaxed and happy.

digestive tract: gastrointestinal improvement, smooth defecation,

eating bananas can relieve constipation, do not need too much scientific theory verification, this is the conclusion of many people’s practice. In addition, patients with stomachache, gastric ulcer and gastric acid reflux can also eat bananas. Banana has many natural acid resistant elements, which can relieve heartburn and acid reflux; its soft tissue helps to cover the gastric mucosa and avoid being stimulated by corrosive acids and other substances. Symptoms of stomach discomfort may disappear after eating bananas.

cardiovascular: reduce blood pressure, strengthen heart.

banana can help to reduce the body’s sodium (from excessive intake of salt and other diets) levels, regulate hypertension. In addition, banana is rich in potassium, which can help strengthen the heart and prevent serious consequences such as heart disease and stroke.

nutrition and immunity: alleviate anemia and avoid cold.

banana is rich in a variety of nutrients, one of the key is dietary iron, through iron supplementation can promote the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, strengthen blood supply, alleviate anemia, and promote nutrition delivery to the whole body. In addition, eating bananas also helps to regulate body temperature, whether it is hot in autumn or winter, or hot in summer.


nervous system: strengthen nerves, regulate


during menstrual period. Eating bananas can maintain normal blood sugar, thus easing the nervous system, calming consciousness and relaxing the body. Thanks to the B vitamins in bananas, it can also improve mood and reduce stress by strengthening and relaxing the nervous system.

women eating bananas has another advantage, that is, it can alleviate “premenstrual syndrome”.

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