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is now the ripe season of strawberries. Some expectant mothers who like to eat strawberries may have been greedy for a long time. Strawberries are rich in nutrients, which have the functions of moistening the lung and promoting fluid production, strengthening the spleen and stomach, diuresis and detumescence. But some more cautious pregnant women are still worried: can pregnant women eat strawberries? Come and have a look with Xiaobian!


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] pregnant women need to know

when eating strawberries

1, strawberry contains a large number of vitamin C and carotene, can supplement the nutrients needed by pregnant women and prevent the symptoms of gingival bleeding during pregnancy, and strawberry taste sour, has the effect of promoting appetite, can alleviate the symptoms of appetite loss of expectant mothers, can better promote its absorption of nutrients. The development of fetal bone needs a lot of minerals, calcium salt to deposit down to form bones, can not do without the help of sour food. Therefore, expectant mothers often eat strawberries to help their baby’s physical development. Although strawberries contain many beneficial substances, they should not be eaten too much at a time. Strawberry contains a large number of oxalic acid, eating too much will combine with calcium in the body to form calcium oxalate precipitation, affecting the body’s absorption of calcium, resulting in decalcification. Strawberry cold, spleen and stomach deficiency cold, lung cold cough pregnant women should not eat too much strawberry. Some strawberries with large or strange shapes often appear in the market. These strawberries are often the products of hormone stimulation. Eating this kind of strawberries is not suitable for pregnant women and fetuses.

] the correct way to clean strawberries is

. 1. Rinse strawberries with water to remove a small amount of pesticide and dust attached to the surface of strawberries.


2. The strawberries will be washed with water and soaked for 3 minutes in rice washing water. Rice washing water can decompose pesticides and fat soluble pesticides which are insoluble in water.


3. Fresh water


. The strawberries extracted from the rice washing water were washed with water and soaked in the salt water for 3 minutes. Light salt water can make the hidden eggs and small insects float out on the surface of strawberry, and also has a certain disinfection effect. The strawberries washed with salt water and cold water can be eaten. Tips for


: strawberries should not be removed before cleaning, because there are pesticide residues in the soaking water, which is very harmful to the elderly, children and pregnant women, and the nutrition of strawberries removed in advance will also lose. The above content of

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