testing popular TikTok products *is the HYPE worth it?*

testing popular TikTok products *is the HYPE worth it?* I tried viral tiktok products to see just how good they really are! hope you enjoyed this video!!! xoxo Follow ...

trying things i saw on tiktok

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TikTok Made Me Buy It! *Haul / Testing Viral Products

So Tik Tok made me buy these viral products..here's a haul / testing video of new things I've bought because I saw them on TikTok from Amazon..which was your ...

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tiktok stuff
tiktok stuff

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  1. angie August 28, 2016

    so soft and cuddley. This plush turtle exceeds my expectations. It was soft, soothing to hug, a bright beautiful green color, and larger than I thought it would be. This is a premium toy!

  2. yeahimcrystal October 6, 2016

    LOVE THIS. SO CUTE. I love this item. It is super cute and soft. It is the perfect stuffed turtle for anyone. The color is a brighter green than the picture. It is also bigger than expected, recommended!!

  3. lovetocook September 13, 2018

    received early. This was the best stuff animal looks a lot like our golden retriever
    Riggs, he always lays like this too

  4. lopezl October 15, 2018

    Very adorable plushie. I received this Cutetitos Collectible Plush – Stuffed Animals in exchange of an honest review. This is a 7 inches stuff plushie. They are called cutetitos. Theirs 12 plushies to collect. I read it’s the 1st series , so I believe their will be more coming soon. At the moment their only 12 of them . This are different animals plushies wrapped inside of big burrito tortilla. It’s an animal burrito plushie. The whole wrapping even looks like foil paper on the burrito. When you open it you can only see its little face and eyes. You can’t really tell which cutetito you have received. You have to unwrapped it like a real burrito to find out which cutetito you have received. The whole unwrapping it’s very exciting. Even though I order this for my daughter I was excited as much as she was. Theirs many different animals ,panda , bunny , Piggy , dog and many others. They all have very cute and unique names. Mostly everything ends in the word titos. One of them its name “despacito” I believe it’s a cute baby sloth. They all come with their name and date of birth on it. They even have their own cute quotetito on them. They are category and different flavors
    Some are mild , medium and hot. Theirs 2 or 3 who aren’t on there because their the mystery hot ones. My daughter received a hot mystery one. I will reveal it to you guys. She received a rare hot doggie
    He’s very cute, hes name is fluffier and was born June 21. Hes a very cute dog brownish and orange kinda of color. Hes very soft , warm and cute . This Cutetitos Collectible Plush – Stuffed Animals come with some kinds of beats in them . Which make them just a little heavy. The fun part after you unwrapped your cutetitos you can wrapped them all up again. It’s very easy and fun to do. My daughter who is 10 years old loves her fluffier. She carries him around everywhere. Ofcourse she sleeps with him too. This cutetito has become one of her new favorite plushies. Shes wants me to buy her more for her birthday and Christmas. Their very cute , something simple and cute to collect. They all have something unique and all of them are very cute and colorful. This plush is for kids 3 years and older. I recomend this plushie to anyone that wants to make their child happy. At a very affordable price. We are very excited and can’t wait to receive the rest of them.

  5. eelnep October 16, 2018

    Very soft. I received this Cutetitos Collectibles 7” plush
    Stuffed animal through the Spark Reviewer
    program. The packaging is adorable with the
    blanket as the tortilla and it even had paper
    to hold it together. The blanket and stuffed
    animal are both extremely soft and huggable.
    My granddaughter carried this around for hours
    and slept with it at night. If you have a child
    that likes stuffed animals, this is a perfect toy
    for you.

  6. DocHolliday October 18, 2018

    Surprise hit toy. Listen when I got this I thought it was the silliest thing, but my children love it! Who knew a cat you can wrap in a tortilla blanket would be such a hit? My 1, 4 and 8 year olds all had a good time with it. Original packaging is cute as it has a little tin foil looking wrap around it. Ultimately it’s a beanie baby with a tortilla blanket, I don’t understand it, but the kids love it.

  7. Tjoens October 19, 2018

    Strange and Unique. When I gave this to my seven year old, she
    wasn’t sure what to make of it. However, when
    she opened it, she let out the biggest laugh and smile,
    and has not parted with it, since. She loves it!!
    What a strange and unique idea, that totally works!
    There are several to collect. Based on the packaging,
    you don’t know which animal you have, until you
    Unwrap the burrito. They are super soft and the
    “Blanket” really looks like a burrito. She even
    compared it to a real tortilla! Fun and cute for
    any child that loves stuffed animals.

  8. binzany October 22, 2018

    Best bling bag toy of the year. Cutetitos has to be one of the best designed blind bag type toys I have ever seen. When we first received our little one I was excited just as much as my daughter to open It. We got a slothito with a mild personality and opened it actually on the little guy’s birthday. These I do not see the plush washing well which may be bad if sticky mess or dirt gets on the fabric but the blanket would be fine I think. The plush is nicely weighted and sized also is very well stitched together. The accompanying burrito blanket is adorable double lined and well-made also Velcro is nice to hold it together. My kids love surprise blind bag toys and to me this product is very much worth the price for what you receive. My kids love crazy neon or rainbow colors I think that this product may catch on quicker If the colors were maybe more vibrant and not as realistic. I do plan to find a few more of these for Christmas gifts or Birthdays since they were such a big hit. I would highly recommend these for kids of any age even our teen liked this little guy.

  9. John October 27, 2018

    cute and surprising. I got this for my great grand daughter. The reason it’s surprising is you don’t know what your getting. You can’t see the pet inside until you open it. Once she opened it she did love it. She got a little puppy and she loves puppies. Based on this one they are extremely cute, soft and cuddly.

  10. catsintrouble October 27, 2018

    burrito beanie. It is a bean bag animal rolled up in a blanket that looks like a burrito. It is made from a soft fabric. The outside packaging tells you it might be a cat, dog or sloth. I got a pig, cute, but. When you open it there is a pepper spot on the critter to let you know if it is hot, spicy or mild. Then it shows that there are 12 different ones to collect. The toy is cute and soft, but I found the wrapper misleading.

  11. MeemawMac56 November 15, 2018

    Beautiful detail on this lovely llama! I love the detail on this llama, including the long eyelashes!!!

  12. iheartmykidds November 20, 2018

    Tortilla looks so real! This toy is so cute. I love the little blanket-like tortilla it’s wrapped in, it looks very realistic. My teen and I had fun opening this cute plushie. We got the pink racoon-looking one. It’s adorable and has a little weight to it similar to a bean bag. The fabric is super soft. My only con is that you don’t know what your getting, could get doubles.

  13. vicci December 3, 2018


  14. TB December 13, 2018

    Cutest bear ever! So soft and cuddly, my grand baby will love his new bear on Christmas Day.

  15. MommyOf3 December 14, 2018
  16. db December 20, 2018

    Not what I expected. There is a zipper in the back of the bear. It opens up to the filling. Very dangerous for children. Having trouble returning it.

  17. Ced January 4, 2019

    My lil cuzing loves the bear. Says that’s exactly the one she wanted..

  18. Susie1956 January 22, 2019

    Gift for my sister. It was a gift to my sister and she loved it! Very good quality she said.

  19. Yaya January 28, 2019

    Disappointed. You advertise it as 36”, then the only available one is 10”.

  20. Misty January 30, 2019
  21. gonanorn February 9, 2019
  22. Mia February 10, 2019
  23. LoveIt February 19, 2019
  24. nadov March 28, 2019

    T Rex Rocks! Product arrived one week earlier than expected. The T Rex is even better than shown on site. I will order from Mozlly/Walmart again.

  25. slpurser01 April 17, 2019

    Won’t be forgetting this one anytime soon! This little guy came squished up in a vacuum bag… I was slightly worried at first. But with a few hours of snuggles and play he quickly became the favorite! Made well. Super soft minky fabric. Very fun, and good size!

  26. PickyShopperBargainHunter April 19, 2019

    Big, soft and cuddly. This was a gift and it brought great joy to our granddaughter.

  27. AprilLove April 22, 2019

    Soft and cuddly! I absolutely love this stuffed elephant. Its very big and soft, my baby loves rolling all over it! Its so comfortable to her she feel asleep playing on it. It is also very flexible, not stiff one bit! Shipping was pretty fast and packaging was very compacted for such a big stuffed animal!

  28. doggie May 9, 2019
  29. tra May 13, 2019
  30. Mamabear May 21, 2019

    Cute. So soft and fuzzy , no smell at all . My two year old loved it . I highly recommend it ! Happy with my purchase

  31. Paws June 4, 2019

    Love it! adorable stuffed animal, looks like a real puppy. For such a low price, definitely recommend

  32. Kelly June 6, 2019
  33. Sarah June 7, 2019

    Misleading. I had purchased this stuffed dog twice in the paat year and was very happy and the third time i purchased the same toy it was completely different. It was smaller and not made with good materials. Will not purchase again!!!

  34. Dumptruck June 19, 2019
  35. Helen June 27, 2019

    Soft and cuddly. Soft, durable and good size. Got for my one year old great grandson before open heart surgery

  36. Heather July 15, 2019
  37. Donna July 16, 2019
  38. Patty July 28, 2019
  39. Chiquiss August 2, 2019

    It’s early cute and big and so soft my kid love it .

  40. Meme August 5, 2019

    Perfect. Loved it thank you, just what I was looking for. This will be a great addition to my baby gift.

  41. Occshopper September 7, 2019
  42. Sheri September 10, 2019

    Incorrect color. Great teddy bear. Very full and fluffy however the color is not ivory as indicated. It is light peach. Disappointed in the color.

  43. DR September 11, 2019

    I really love this elephant plush pillow . This is so soft and so cute . This pillow is fluffy and huggable. I just love this toy.

  44. MPW October 16, 2019

    An Amazing Prooduct. It’s really soft and quite big. You really pay for what you get with this and their others they have.

  45. Superflyniki November 5, 2019

    Stuffies have a new home! Excellent size! Holds a lot of toys! My kids love it and I love that all the studies have a place!
    Comes with suction cups and wall anchors/hooks.

  46. mikey November 9, 2019

    Exactly as described.very well made
    .comes in air tight bag probably 3 fr long. so when you open it the bear expands to 6ft..my 11 year daughter loves it

  47. Me November 25, 2019
  48. Rosalinda P November 28, 2019

    The most cuddly bear! This is the perfect bear for anyone, but we love it for my son who is almost 2. Big Bear, as he is now known, resides in our living room and is so cuddly! He is the perfect size for Emmanuel and is so fluffy and full. He is the great addition to any family!

  49. Rosalinda P November 28, 2019

    The most cuddly bear! This is the perfect bear for anyone, but we love it for my son who is almost 2. Big Bear, as he is now known, resides in our living room and is so cuddly! He is the perfect size for Emmanuel and is so fluffy and full. He is the great addition to any family!

  50. Shellyusmc27 December 1, 2019
  51. cjfurb December 2, 2019
  52. AnnMarie December 5, 2019

    The inline to store was so easy . Very awesome . A little bigger then I thought and that is great.

  53. Unhappy December 6, 2019

    I know my granddaughter is going to love it and it smells just like marshmallows

  54. Maggie December 8, 2019
  55. Bugsy December 12, 2019

    Disappointed in size. I was disappointed in the size. It is 19 inches from paws to end of tail. It is much smaller than it appears to be and by the description. I would not call it large by any means.

  56. Zoraida1 December 15, 2019

    cute. gift, so I do not know if my niece likes this, I do

  57. Bear December 16, 2019
  58. Tete December 17, 2019
  59. AdrenalynnV December 29, 2019

    Cute lama. Very cute. My daughter loves it.

  60. ordinarygranny December 29, 2019

    Cuddly stuffed animal. Bought this for my granddaughter who loves it. Nicely wrapped and cute and cuddly.

  61. jojobo December 29, 2019

    Pajama Llama. Looked so squished in the box but the kids seemed to love it.

  62. BrodyTadlock January 11, 2020
  63. Chris January 11, 2020
  64. kzdem January 18, 2020
  65. Ibrahim January 20, 2020

    poor quality. poor quality. too small. not what i expected for $27

  66. bre January 21, 2020
  67. Jezebel3 January 28, 2020

    scent is overpowering. super cute, we even got a super rare one but the scent is overpowering and triggered my daughter to have an asthma attack.

  68. Sam January 29, 2020
  69. Dauna February 4, 2020
  70. Amanda February 6, 2020

    The velcro was off but still cute

  71. abbey07 February 8, 2020

    Pajama Llamma. I bought this for my granddaughter. She loved it! the “hair” was kind of fuzzy and “shedded” alot onto her clothing, but no biggie. it was cute and I was awesome for buying it, that’s all that matters!!

  72. Mommyof3Okie February 12, 2020

    Adorable Llama. Amazing set. Daughter loved the sleep mask.

  73. Shopper244 February 15, 2020

    We grabbed a few of these for our children. Super super cute! They loved the fact that it was a surprize! It is extremely strong for the scent when first opening i was upstairs and my children were downstairs i could smell these all the way upstairs! It does fade over time but they still smell lovely and its been a few weeks now since we purchased them

  74. Emanuel February 18, 2020
  75. Asyv February 19, 2020

    Who will it be? These are fun stuffed animals. It is a surprise which animal they will receive. They are a good size and have a fun scent to them. The blanket is a fun accessory for the kid to play with.

  76. noah February 19, 2020

    It was the perfect gift for my boyfriend, I surprised him with it and he absolutely loved it

  77. Morgan February 20, 2020

    Terrible buy. The one I received was tiny. It doesn’t hold anything but maybe one medium stuffed bear. Not even close to what is shown in the picture. It is flimsy material and might hold 2-3 small stuffed animals. Not the one I remember having as a kid.

  78. Chris February 21, 2020
  79. Bownarrow February 25, 2020

    Night mask a plus. My niece’s daughter absolutely loved this as a gift. She was really excited that she got the eye mask for bed with it. This 4 year old had been asking her mom for one and I didn’t know. The whole box set it really adorable and will be getting another one for my daughter.

  80. Philip February 25, 2020

    Love these !! My grandkids love these!! They smell so good and they are so soft and cuddly !! They can hardly wait to open and see which one they get…. My four year and up to the ten year love them. So all ages love them…. Makes a wonderful gift too !!

  81. Satisfied February 28, 2020

    Satisfied Customer. Great Gift and great for the price.

  82. Victoria February 29, 2020

    it arrived at good time not a long wait. I love it , it will be a present come summer and she will love it

  83. Chris March 2, 2020
  84. Bamagirlee March 4, 2020

    I love it! Its so cute with long curled eyelashes. Very soft and fluffy.

  85. Heather March 10, 2020

    It works great and must be easy to install because my 11 year old stepdaughter did it by herself. The only thing is that it seems a little smaller than the picture, so it didn’t hold as many stuffed animals as I thought it would. But otherwise a good product that she loves

  86. wallyworldconniseur March 11, 2020

    Very cute my son loves it.

  87. Lesley March 16, 2020
  88. Amber March 27, 2020

    Just a hammock. These did not come with anything to hang the hammock itself. We made do with some leftover things we had from another home project, but otherwise they worked really well. They are perfect for all the stuffed animals my kid has amassed over the years.

  89. irina April 1, 2020

    wonderful toy, new friend for my granddaughter

  90. Cmeeks23 April 2, 2020

    Bought this for my 10 year old daughters birthday on clearance for $10..she loved it!

  91. Ada April 6, 2020

    Fun pillow friend! My grandson loves it and uses it as a pillow,, for dancing, etc.

  92. t April 8, 2020

    Best item created. This is the best invention for stuffed toys. If your little one has a lot and doesn’t play with them hang them up with these for decorations. I think i would put them all over the house definitely going to get more for the other kids and grands rooms

  93. Bthompson April 8, 2020
  94. salena April 9, 2020
  95. Walmarter247 April 13, 2020

    Super cute. Very cute and soft, however I purchased on sale. I would NOT pay full price.

  96. Sistereffort April 13, 2020
  97. Donald April 15, 2020

    My daughter loved this gift for my granddaughter.She said it was very soft.it comes a little compressed but goes into shape.

  98. Ashley April 21, 2020
  99. Tammy April 22, 2020

    Price seemed high for what was received but my daughter is happy… however doesn’t play with the toy just the sleeping mask

  100. marie8787 April 24, 2020

    Small toy not very large at all. Extremely small, I know it does say the size but it is much smaller then expected, bought for my almost 4 year old who loves dinosaurs but this would be better for a 1 or 2 year old as it is so small, my son will still like it but I just wish it was bigger.

  101. mini43 April 25, 2020
  102. adlfdf April 26, 2020

    Great way to save so soace. Worked well. My daughter loves it.

  103. karla April 28, 2020
  104. Hope April 28, 2020

    Loved it! This was just what I was looking for! My granddaughter is graduating from high school this year and the tiger is the high school’s mascot! I put a graduation cap on it and a rolled diploma between it’s paws!
    The tiger is exactly as pictured, so majestic looking and it was delivered with in 2 days!

  105. Cody April 28, 2020

    Don’t buy this it falls apart. We only had it four days and the seams were coming apart.

  106. Dawn April 28, 2020
  107. nonitoJoshua April 28, 2020

    Elephant. This came squished in a plastic vacumm bag, all the air sucked out. This poor elephant will never hold any kind of shape.

  108. Ashley April 29, 2020

    Very cute gift. My kids loved getting these! They loved the surprise of not knowing what they were going to get. Burrito blanket and stuffed animal were so soft. Very cute. Will buy again!

  109. Satisfiedcustomer April 29, 2020

    Tiger king. Tiger is well made,looks great,and came in time

  110. Dee April 30, 2020

    I love it. My daughter love it thanks very much!!

  111. Amber May 1, 2020
  112. Nicolas May 2, 2020

    So cute. These things are awesome.

  113. MayJ May 8, 2020

    Good baby pillow and can be and big stuffed animal. The shipping was very fast! It only took 2 days to be delivered. The elephant is very nice and soft and comfy! I think once my baby grows out of it, I will stuff it with more polyfill fibers to make it a stuffed animal. But right now it is perfect for a baby pillow that should be as soft as it already is. I am happy with it!

  114. Dee May 10, 2020

    Soft cuddly. Very nice. My grandson loved it!

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