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I put up LED lights around my ceiling...and I love them!!! This is where I got my lights!: https://amzn.to/2BzuySs Follow me! Whitney's Instagram ...

TikTok LED Lights Compilation! Shoutouts- // CqxrryRqxse s //

How to Cut and Connect LED Light Strips.

PURCHASE LED LIGHTS AND ALL THE CONNECTIONS: http://www.parts-express.com/cat/led-strip-lighting-controllers/3334 INDIVIDUAL PARTS Connector ...

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tiktok led lights
tiktok led lights

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  1. Annie33113 September 7, 2018

    GREATLY disappointed! Extremely tiny. Purchased two (2) sets of these to grace a small veranda and backyard. What a complete, total WASTE of effort and money. Totally inefficient and ineffective for that purpose, in my opinion. I estimate the actual dollar worth of ONE strand to be maybe $5. Honestly, I can’t fathom what anyone would use these for. VERY disappointed.

  2. Nona September 26, 2018

    Nice set of lights. I really like these lights. It’s pretty long but I could use about ten more lines! I especially like how easy it is to connect to one another. I do wish the chord to the power box was a little longer to make it easier to place. I also wish it had one more button to turn off the lights instead of unplugging it every time. I definitely intend to invest in more.

  3. Aisamami October 29, 2018

    These lights are perfect. The tape on the back is super strong and I love that it doesnt have to be plugged in to an outlet. I can control the color and it really does help enhance the picture on the screan. These lights really delivered on quality

  4. NicJeff November 14, 2018

    Happy :). So pretty! So inexpensive! Adds a nice lit up touch to anything without a cord. Added these lights to my daughter’s cow head in her room

  5. walkerls1 December 8, 2018

    Picture deceiving. Picture is deceiving. You only get 1 LED strip, not 2 that join into 1 USB adapter. So like a previous review, you will have to purchase 2 if you want 1 for each side or top and bottom of TV.

  6. Kandy December 27, 2018

    Pretty but not curtains at all. I honestly thought they were curtains with lights made into them, but they aren’t at all, they are however quite pretty, and we made them work, but they should not be considered curtain lights.

  7. Justin January 5, 2019

    Barely works and can’t even do what it says it can do and is so frustrating and i want to send them back ASAP

  8. Lildave March 7, 2019

    They don’t stick n one of the 3 packs I bought don’t work

  9. Torchstar May 31, 2019

    These are smaller than marbles. The picture should say actual size…

  10. Lucashenriqu June 1, 2019

    Terrible sticker. If you plan to stick it to your wall… don’t buy it! The LEDs itself are good and there is a protective layer on the top of the lights ( maybe water resistance) but if you try to stick it into your wall it will be in the floor within an hour… i have another one that i got at am**on and i had no problem with that one.

  11. Jjoya22 June 26, 2019

    Great LED accent lighting. My first impression after use was the accent lighting. It turns from cool white to warm white with variations in between. It plugs into the TV or any 5v USB outlet. I have a 55 in tv and it does not fit exactly all the way around with the tv, however you can’t see a difference in the lighting. The only negative is once the led is behind the tv, you can’t control the LED with the remote anymore. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  12. Lorelei June 27, 2019

    Creates Great Ambiance. I have to say, this light strip is nearly perfect – except for the fact that you must stick it permanently to your television. I don’t like that part of it, but the rest is quite beautiful, relaxing and so simple to use! I like having the remote for it, and the 4 different light settings is a real treat, but the really fun part of this strip is that you can also go to the flash setting – and it creates quite the show! I will say that I am getting a putty to adhere it to my television as I don’t want permanent material stuck to it, but I am so thrilled with this lighting. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  13. Blackrose45 June 28, 2019

    Love it but not best. I did love how the lights are very bright and something I can use when my room gets dark and can use for nightlight for my computer but I did have an issue with this the remote does not work at all I tried putting the battery in and out and still nothing or putting the battery in a different way still nothing so I don’t know if the battery dead or the remote doesn’t work period disappointed I cannot just turn on or off with the remote or turn down the brightness or even switching the lights period but I wouldn’t definitely still use but I just have to keep plugging in and out turn on or off so not best I would say with this [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  14. Mainejoanne June 30, 2019

    Great ambiance. I love this light strip. The way it provides different white lighting options is really neat. It does warm or cool or a combination of both. Also has the potential to blink at any speed you choose. I love that I have control over it with a little remote control and depending on my mood or my feeling I can change the mood lighting. It adds a distinctive ambiance to the room that can’t be replicated with any other light strip or with any candles. The white lighting is just classy and elegant. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  15. Dmariet16 June 30, 2019

    Looks great! This is my review for Monster Multi-USB LED Light Strip – 6.5ft. Now opening the box, the instructions are quite simple. Clean the area where you are going to apply the light strip. The strip comes on a small wheel so you can use that for the application. I did not. I have a 65″ screen so I wanted to see the whole strip for better placement. With this length I was able to go across the top of the TV and about 6″ down each side.
    Now it is somewhat difficult to pull the backing off without pulling of the adhesive. I pulled off about 2 feet of the adhesive before I had even realized I had done so. I was gentle but just be aware and press the strip firmly before you start pulling the backing off.
    I was concerned it might not look good on a larger TV but it did! I am really happy with the product. I would add that if it had more colors it would be even better. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  16. Mulas1 July 2, 2019

    Illuminates well. The Monster Multi-USB LED Light Strip was really easy to install. I installed it around the back if my TV. The strip illuminates nicely to give off a warm or cool night glow. Love that it also had a remote that you could change the settings on. I would recommend this product. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  17. Trish July 15, 2019

    After having them one day. Break very easy

  18. Jazzy July 16, 2019

    Unsatisfied! They didn’t change colors like it advertised. Then when I put them up, they did not stay up. I was highly disappointed. I was so looking forward to them in my room.
    I have tried to return them but I keep getting the runaround from the company! NOT HAPPY!!

  19. C8lin July 25, 2019

    So fun. I love these thry change between 16 different [email protected] choose just one,flash between all or s[th in slow motion to them all changing. No matter what you pic they are awesome and easy to use right out of the package. Love that it has a remote instead of a button to flip through. Makes changing colors so easy! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  20. Wen72 July 26, 2019

    Fun lighting. This LED lighting strip comes in a little box on a mini reel and seems to be made of good thicker rubber like material that is very easy to ahere with the adhesive backing. Had a very easy time installing right into our computer thru the USB As directed. We actually put this as lighting on our computer desk. Pretty cool that it cones with a little remote to change all the colors & formation you want. Probanly could use 1 more. Just make sure you are pointing the remote at the little spot on the light so it can change as you would like. Kind of light pointing your remote to your tv box. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  21. tabitha July 28, 2019

    They work very nicely you just cant cut them you have to leave them in one strip bc there is only one adapter to plug into the wall

  22. Gamer101 August 7, 2019

    godly awesome I play fortnite. I haven’t tested this and I thought this was a fake product in fact it actually came! In less than 3 days! Order this and this is coming from a 17 year old gamer..

  23. Nick Van August 11, 2019

    Vibrant and easy to use light strip. I hooked up this Monster LED light strip on my mantle and it couldn’t have been simpler to install. The adhesive on the back is really sticky and it doesn’t feel like it’s going to budge or lose its stickiness anytime soon. The lights themselves are pretty bright and vibrant. The remote has a ton of different color options and four light features for strobe, flash, face and smooth. The only downside I noticed is that the remote control seems sensitive in the sense that it needs to be pointed directly at the light strip in order for it to work. But besides that, it seems like good quality. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  24. Trimmer August 28, 2019

    Patio lights. Nice touch to our remodeled patio. The wiring is waterproof.
    LED bulbs. Like the shape of the bulbs.

  25. Mike September 5, 2019

    Lights are good and look good. Could have had operation instructions, cause the remote doesn’t work!

  26. No September 17, 2019

    Extreamly misrepresented with the photos! So mad I did not read the reviews first. Only a strong of lights.

  27. FairyMama October 4, 2019

    Mystical Bed Time Lights for Babies. Bright and delightful, ideal for baby bedtime, comes with 2x CR2032 batteries which are cheap to replace in bulk* I Highly Recommend These**

  28. FairyMama October 4, 2019

    Mystical Bedtime Lights for Baby. Bright and delightful, ideal for baby bedtime, comes with 2x CR2032 batteries which are cheap to replace in bulk* I Highly Recommend These**

  29. Pammysue October 12, 2019

    Bright fun lights! I love the way you can change the light pattern. It was easy to put up just follow the instructions! I’m 74 with a bum leg and had it up in less than 15 minutes on my covered patio.

  30. NoobWalmart October 22, 2019

    Light Up your Life! This strip of lights were used on our enclosed porch – they’re FUN! Easy to apply (I used removable 3M hooks) and Def. add a party ambiance to the area! However, there is NO instructions with these; can be found online.

  31. Jay October 31, 2019

    Cool kit. Nice kit and awesome price. I like this better than cheesy RGB lights for use in a main living area. Good adjustments from warm to cool, dark to bright. Photo shows an LG 65” 4K and ambient light kit mounted about 8” in from the edges at mid temperature and brightness. Rated 4 Stars because the adhesive tape didnt work well. I added double stick pads to help bond it.

  32. Lexi November 1, 2019

    Not Good product. Didn’t even get all the pieces so can’t put them up because now i have to go buy the rest of the parts.

  33. Mlgokey November 7, 2019

    Unsure.. I purchased three sets of these lights for three different rooms according to the description it says it is a turnstile switch mine came as a button and out of the eight options there is not a turn off option, which makes me slightly disappointed So anytime I want to turn them off I have to unplug them.Don’t get me wrong the lights themselves are pretty but for my intended purpose didn’t really consist of them having them on 24/7

  34. Twosides November 15, 2019

    I like it. I bought two of these one set of the packs works great love it but the other not bright at all, yes you do have to buy an adapter thats nothing you cant get on amazon lol but it was worth buying, love the settings

  35. Zero December 5, 2019

    They don’t stick or change into the colors you want unless it’s just red,blue,or green, waste of money don’t get these

  36. snowman December 12, 2019

    Very nice string of lights! This is a string of lights,not curtain. Gave them to my daughter for her room and she loves them! She’s had them for 8mos now, using almost everyday with no problems. Purchasing another one for other daughter now.

  37. MB December 15, 2019

    I like that it gives an option for my daughter to choose. This is an alternative to a night-light.

  38. lola December 19, 2019

    do not buy. i bought these! i was so excited to have lights in my room. i went through heck and back to get them up on my ceiling and only half of them work. i tried plugging them into a different power strip and i tried plugging them in on the end of the lights. big waste of time and money. i’ve been up all night trying to figure out how to get the rest of them to work. definitely don’t waste your time

  39. Maggie December 21, 2019

    Disappointed in short life span. they worked great – for about 5 months. Not just one but both that I bought are half burned out. There doesn’t seem to be a return option or guarantee of any sort. Very disappointing.

  40. Nostick December 25, 2019

    The sticky on these lights suck, they all fell down within 3 hours. We had to buy double sided gorilla tape and rehang them, so far its working….

  41. Jasmine December 26, 2019

    Amazing purchase!! Highely recommend!! The lights work great and the adhesive did as well stuck great to my wall without having to use extra tape or anything. Only thing that could be better is more solid colors to choose instead of combined ones. The length was also longer then expected i got 2 sets and it covered my room. Overall i would highley recommend these great price and good colors!!!

  42. Dominique January 1, 2020

    Limp connection. Had a short in the wire by the connection piece but didn’t test it until after installed because I ordered two and I thought this one would go on as easy as the first but it just wasn’t as firm as needed for the location I placed it by but it is a beautiful show of lights just hurts the pieces weren’t so secure

  43. gracie January 5, 2020

    They came early and they work but I cannot figure out how to change the colors for the life of me and and when I turned them on and clicked on one of the shades of pink or blue it showed two different colors (In the picture I clicked the color above my thumb and it showed blue and pink but I didn’t do tht it practically came like tht and I’m really frustrated/confused) and Idk if it’s operator error or if the diy button aren’t working cause I’ve even looked on youtube tried everything and I can’t change the colors it’s only letting me chose blue, red, or green

  44. kayla January 8, 2020

    good! but not the greatest. they work great! the adhesive sticks to wallpaper well. my only problems are i bought 3 packs and 1 of them couldnt connect to the others bc it has a different adapter. second, one of my strips have gotten a LOT dimmer than the other after about a month. i have tried turning the brightness up on it but thats as bright as it will go! overall good:) (2nd photo is the dimmer strip)

  45. Nathan January 8, 2020

    DO NOT BUY. First of all you can only do like 3 out of all the colors listed on the remotes this is clearly a scam. Secondly, it doesnt even stick! So i have to buy hooks. Do not recommend.

  46. ky January 11, 2020

    Malfunction ?? Did not come with power strip but i ordered one no big deal. there is a part of my strip that changes colors but not the color i set it to be and i dont like that

  47. whitewiccan January 12, 2020

    Great folks. This are great for added twinkle to small gathering. Be careful unrolling and save ties for each strand to pack away.

  48. Holly January 17, 2020

    Horrendous. These lights where absolutely horrendous, the sticky part would not stick. And I wish that when I pressed on the color It would display that color.

  49. LittleFox January 22, 2020

    love them ordered more. they are perfect they are string lights exactly as advertised I put them on my roof and ordered another set to finish up the other half of my roof

  50. Laurie January 27, 2020

    Good Lights. You can’t hang them like the picture unless you like wrap them up and down but they work, I love the 8 settings it has but I wish you could turn them off without having to unplug them.

  51. Abbigail January 29, 2020

    I thought they were going to be dangly but it’s just a string of lights like Christmas lights, but they have many different settings so I still love them !!

  52. Dia February 12, 2020

    Bad, never buy. It would not stick to the wall. I would wake up/come home from school and there it is, on the ground, recommend not buying!!!

  53. Nichole February 13, 2020

    Perfect. These worked perfectly for what I needed them for. They weren’t difficult to sort out with a little patience to make sure you don’t tangle them all up. Do no take all of the twist ties off until after you get the lights hung. A lot less hassle to take them off after they are already up.

  54. Gammy February 15, 2020

    Not bad. The tape is not sticking enough for them to stick on the walls, we used a few tacks to hold it up, overall very happy

  55. Trong February 24, 2020

    Beautiful. very good, bright but not too bright, very comfortable. I barely write product review, but for this time, I am very satisfied with these little light. I recorded a 30 second video to post here, but walmart does not support that option, so I take an image from the video to post it here. WalMart, you need to have many sellers who give high quality product like this seller. Perfect

  56. K February 27, 2020

    Just as described; 10 strings of lights. And the controller let’s you have different settings, timers, and dimming options. And got here in time.

  57. F March 3, 2020

    Looks nice. Nice string lights. I bought these to put on my daughter’s play tent and they look great. The plus point is that it had 8 light modes you can choose from.

  58. Angel March 16, 2020

    Bright. They’re very bright and easy to install but the adhesive will not stay stuck to the wall. They’ve fallen down at least 4 times and I’ve only had them up for a little over a week. I had to buy extra adhesive tape to try to keep them up

  59. Haley March 19, 2020

    Thumbs down. Lights don’t stick to the clean wall and fall of shortly after the application

  60. Raymond March 19, 2020

    Daughter loving it. Beautiful, bought for my daughter put in her bedroom, she loving it also fast delivery, thanks

  61. CavemansWife March 24, 2020

    I havent plugged them in yet. But for these being window curtians the outlet cord is super short… now im going to have to run a strip down the side just so I can plug them in 🤦🏽‍♀️ I will not use extention cords.

  62. desertsnow March 25, 2020

    Beautiful lights. Bought this light for porch but end up decorating my daughter’s room because she really like it. Its look pretty cool, lights have few different settings. Quality seems pretty good.

  63. jared March 26, 2020

    will be buying more in the future. Truthfully so much better than i anticipated, they are small and compact. but bright and colorful. the battery compartment is small and easily concealed the strand is thin and super easy to manipulate. i was blown away with how much better this product was than i expected it to be. and for the price. far exceeded my expectations. i am incredibly happy with this purchase.

  64. anna March 27, 2020

    you can cut if they are too long kinda flimsy they dont hang straight down they curl up…but overall gave me the look I was going for.

  65. dannyboy March 28, 2020

    at the one-hour the state Falls the floor

  66. nature1012 March 30, 2020

    Not the size that I was expecting!! it says for 32-60″ TV I have a 55″ TV. I was expecting the lights to go around the whole TV. Out of the four sides it can be use only on one side out of the 4 sides of a 55′ TV.

  67. savannah March 31, 2020

    really not a good option. only has red blue and green. Ive included pictures, the pink is just red and blue. not pink. orange is green and red and yellow is also just green and red. no solid colors of any kind

  68. Sabine April 1, 2020

    Junk ! Disappointed! I know it was cheap but I put it right in the trash! Looks good in the picture but that’s about all !

  69. lisa April 1, 2020

    Lights. My granddaughter wanted these lights and she loves them!

  70. NikkiD65 April 4, 2020

    Nice choice for a guft. My granddaughter totally love this gift. Hung them up the same day. Awesome gift. Handy color changing remote is great too.

  71. kaydin April 4, 2020
  72. Charles April 5, 2020

    Bad quality good color changing options. The different color changing options are nice. The quality of these aren’t the best though. The circuit board didn’t have enough solder on it and the lights wouldn’t work because it wasn’t making contact so I had to take it apart and resolder the contact on the circuit board. And also the adhesive isn’t good throughout the whole strip so they kept falling down in certain areas. Not bad for under 20 bucks but just goes back to the old saying “you get what you pay for”.

  73. David April 5, 2020

    You will need a $20 power supply from Amazon. I could not believe someone would sell a product that does not include a power supply. Any electronics you purchase comes with ALL of the items necessary to get up and running. My decision was to keep it and buy the $20 power supply from Amazon (Walmart doesn’t have it) than to go through the pain of returning it to a “Walmart 3rd party vendor”. That being said, the lights did work, the adhesive is mostly staying put but I will NEVER make another online purchase from a company that offers products from other vendors and does not make a convenient return policy.

  74. sophia April 5, 2020

    decent. works great but only some buttons on the remote works and you don’t get every color

  75. Melissa April 5, 2020

    Total and complete waste of money didn’t come with any instructions

  76. felicity April 6, 2020

    super pleased. i’m Super pleased with my purchase it was easy to install and is super bright. I’ve had it for about a week and it still works perfectly. it has so many colors and they are super vibrant. ( my fav is either purple or blue ). the remote is a little thin but if you take care of your things and keep it off the floor it should be completely fine.

  77. Rena April 6, 2020

    Not really worth it. Love that it’s long but the colors are kinda… weird, the color combos are as shown and you can do anything else besides solid red blue or green. There’s many buttons on the control that don’t do anything or repeats other button functions. I would not buy this again. But if you’re not picky this item works fine just the color option stink.

  78. Adrianna April 6, 2020

    Money well spent. It says fits up to 60 inch TV but it definitely doesn’t !!!!! But I do love the look it gives off … You may have to buy more than one ! And it’s work unless your tv is on.

  79. Akierra April 6, 2020

    Good for price. Cord has a shortage.have to keep turning tv off and on to get it to work and press the button on the control once the tv first come on…but once I do get it to work the lights are beautiful.cord also shorter than expected Will need more cords to enhance the lighting but can’t complain for $8 $9 Dollars.

  80. Maria April 6, 2020

    It’s literally only 3 colors and they’re very ugly i don’t recommend a waste of money

  81. Estefania April 7, 2020

    They weren’t great and the red color stop working

  82. Sawyer April 7, 2020

    Buy it. Buy this it’s bright and has a lot of colors

  83. elizabeth April 7, 2020

    They Short but is really nice.

  84. Miriam April 8, 2020

    LED light strip. Good lights. The only thing I was disappointed about was that you can only see the lights under the white section when they are shining from behind something. If nothing is there to block the bulb on strip the color is multicolored. We were going to put them on the ceiling but then you saw multicolor instead of white. Other than that, good product.

  85. Miranda April 8, 2020
  86. Angelina April 8, 2020

    They’re awesome. They are very good, when you see them they are not the color but the room is the color you want and on camera it’s very cool.i added some photos.

  87. Makaila April 8, 2020

    Awesome. I brought some and they are amazing and beautiful at night time while im llaying my game too

  88. faereydust April 8, 2020

    I bought 3 of these and they’re great.

  89. Damien April 9, 2020

    Horrible DO NOT BUY THEY ARE SO BAD. They don’t come with a power supply and the lights are just horrible

  90. Radion April 9, 2020

    i paid a lot of money and when i got the led lights i put them all together and i pressed one color that is pink and they gave me blue and when i wanted to do diy i didn’t let me and it only has three colors that work

  91. Stefanie April 9, 2020

    I like that its easy to assemble. My children love the beautiful lights. The remote didn’t work but I’ve contacted the seller and hopefully they will respond and send another.

  92. Lavanya April 11, 2020

    4/5. The colors are perfect and the remote works perfectly only concern is that the back isn’t so sticky so it keeps peeling off my wall in certain places and now i have to get command strips other than that it’s a good product .

  93. mia April 14, 2020

    I put the lights up as soon as I got them and they did not even go half way around my room which is fine and didn?t bother me but 10 minutes later they fell down and when I requested for a refund they wanted to give me $6 to buy adhesive tape and will not respond to my emails now and I offered to send the lights back to get the full refund,so I do not recommend!!!

  94. Chris April 14, 2020

    Don?t get them. Waste of money, done don?t have a power supply can?t get a refund customer service was trash

  95. cameran April 14, 2020

    i ordered these led lights and they did not come with the power supply that we needed.

  96. Lily April 15, 2020

    Cool but not very sticky. The lights and colors are very cool but I just got them and I put them up in my room and 30 minutes later they started to peel off. I had to redo them and put double sided tape on the back. Other than that they work great. I would buy them again but I would get something to keep them up.

  97. kylie April 15, 2020

    i like them! I love the way it lights up my whole room! i put them being my headboard and it looks amazing! The only thing to lookout for is mine don?t stick very well and I have to keep putting them back in the place I would like for them to stay.

  98. Tiffany April 15, 2020

    Cute lights bit not what was described in the listing. The listing said they ran on double A???s and they are actually ran on the small disk batteries. I also ordered 2 sets of clear lights and was sent one clear and one pink.

  99. Tanika April 15, 2020

    These lights are very nice! I will buy again.

  100. Eh April 16, 2020

    Nice, but price jump not cool. We really like these lights in my 15yr old sons room. Bought 2 sets to start. Decided we wanted to buy more and they almost doubled in price in just 2 weeks!!

  101. Kennedy April 16, 2020

    Don’t waste your time! My granddaughter begged me for these. She was so excited to get them. The look on her face when they didn’t work just crushed me. To make matters worse, dealing with the company to exchange or return for a refund is a nightmare. Save yourself; don’t buy these.

  102. Vicktoria April 16, 2020

    Works perfectly but use tape in case the sticky part starts to fall off.

  103. Angie April 17, 2020

    Defective Product! The LED light strips (purchased 2/strips) were defective and did not function as described. Beware of the seller as they will not pay for a defective product back to them. I had to pay for it ($10). Never again will I buy from this specific seller.

  104. Mckenzie April 17, 2020

    there is no cord for them to come on

  105. Bad April 17, 2020

    Cool Lights. Lasts a long time. Changes colors to your preference. Easy setup.

  106. Eric April 17, 2020

    They work perfectly fine and i was scared that the stickiness was gonna be a situation but it wasnt because i have ordered different led strip loghts in the past and the stickiness fell off quick

  107. Ansley April 18, 2020

    Not my favorite. I bought these lights for my dorm room and loved them until i pulled them down recently when I had to move out due to the virus and upon pulling them down they ripped in half. so now half of the light strand doesn?t work and I?ve waisted $30.

  108. Christopher April 18, 2020

    My order did not come with the chord to turn my lights on and then i emailed y?all 3 times and haven?t heard back from you.

  109. yonaira April 18, 2020

    The lite is the prfect colors

  110. Nicole April 18, 2020

    Decent lighting. The lighting is small and thin, it looks stylish on the inside of curtains and pretty from outside window

  111. TIFFANY April 18, 2020

    Can?t even tell that it is hanging until lights up. This is different than what I expected it is a thin wire. I was expecting the wire to be covered but it isn?t.

  112. Belicia April 19, 2020

    Crap. Its really short and doesnt reach very far. We had a heck of a time trying to get it to turn on, we tried everything (and yes we removed the plastic tab from the remote). But after it FINALLY turned on, i guess it was cool.

  113. Wandalyz April 19, 2020

    Doesn’t include power supply.

  114. Dede April 19, 2020

    Granddaughter loved them! My granddaughter loved it! She put these up in her room!

  115. Alisha April 19, 2020

    Love love love these lights!!!! They are brilliant!

  116. lisa April 19, 2020

    Daughter loves them. You get two separate packs of 16 ft LED lights and they do not connect. I am told you can purchase a connector. So be sure to do that. Other than that, my 13 year old daughter loves them. Easy to install and figure out the remote.

  117. Cnykl April 20, 2020

    Lights work good. Tape isn’t sticky enough. Lights work great is about it. Can’t figure out all the buttons on the remote and no instructions. After wiping down the veling for the best adhesion the lights only stuck for a week and then came down pulling the paint with it. Trying to figure out how I can get them back up. Command strips helps but require a lot which costs a lot. I do not recommend this product at all. Waste of time money and now a paint job.

  118. mirse April 20, 2020

    Good just doesn?t always have batteries. Purchased for my daughters room. She loves them! My only problem with them is some came with no batteries. Other than that they are great. Small wire easy to bend around stuff. I even put a strand around bathroom window for a soft night light.

  119. Renee April 21, 2020

    My girls love these! The colors show up great in their pictures, the remote controls are easy to work, and overall we have been really pleased.

  120. emily April 21, 2020

    You sould buy them! They are really cute and nice better than the ones i got in the store!💕

  121. Gerardo April 21, 2020
  122. Fields April 23, 2020

    I like this product. At first I thought it was a defective item but i was plugging it incorrectly. Just make sure you plug it correctly before trying to return it.

  123. Stefanie April 24, 2020

    A bit of a disaster to get this product assembled and it’s a strand of lights and wires that do not want to get straightened out. They remain curley when put up. But, they are a beautiful asset when they are put behind a curtain.

  124. makayla April 25, 2020

    they are not bright and mine only worked with red

  125. Paty April 25, 2020

    Not recommended. Need not meet my needs. Product only contained the male.

  126. bri April 25, 2020

    I just ordered these on the 17th and they finally came in! They were super easy to hang up. I totally recommend.

  127. Quinnette April 25, 2020

    Very bright love them have to order more to go all the way around the room

  128. Karen April 25, 2020

    My daughter loves them easy to put up really cute

  129. Elfiga April 25, 2020

    The adhesive is not strong at all so the fall very easily. They also have some kind of wire disconnection because not all the colors are the same

  130. Destiny April 25, 2020

    Love these light‼️ it came exactly like it said. Once i got everything untied and untangled. i love the way it looks hanged up. The string is so thin that it looks invisiable behind my curtain. Just cant get over how nice they look!!

  131. Levi April 27, 2020
  132. Grandma April 28, 2020

    Used as photo backdrop for golden anniversary

  133. Carla April 28, 2020

    The plastic covers fell off the lights before I even got them hung on my gazebo. Also, you have to cover the Controls when expecting rain, or just in case. It is not waterproof. I should have returned them, but I will use them for Christmas in my house

  134. Marjona April 28, 2020

    Beautiful lights. They work perfectly, my daughter loved them. We had to stick them with hot glue because the room is air conditioned and the humidity was making them unglue and fall.

  135. bigelf654 April 28, 2020

    Good. We had ordered I think 35 ft. I did not know it was going to be on two rolls. If you want to link them together you have to buy some kind of plug.

  136. Misty April 28, 2020

    No longer work after a short amount of time! These were beautiful hanging on my daughters wall and then one day, they just stopped working. I’m not sure if $14 is a good price if they are only going to last a few months and then you have to replace them.

  137. Asuncion April 29, 2020

    These lights work amazing! I totally recommend them. The only problem I had was that the lights don’t stick very well to my wall. I had to use tape to put them up but other than that I love them!

  138. alexis April 29, 2020

    Disappointed. Not worth it came with a glitch and when we plugged on another outlet turned off very upset my daughter was so sad and disappointed..very hurtful when you see a child anxious and you get it and it’s crap the disappointment

  139. Jackie April 29, 2020

    Low quality product. Ordered three sets of these lights with the intention of connecting two of those together ( it states you can connect together). When we opened all the items we noticed that all strands have two female connectors, no male connector. Which means it is impossible to connect together. Also one of the white controller boxes was broken an unable to use. Low quality product.

  140. Katherine April 29, 2020

    Good led lights. This it’s great quality and work so perfectly but a lot of people say that this is bad quality and that it doesn’t work and that it won’t stick but you have to be careful when taking the blue tape out because you can take out the sticky part that supposed to stick and if you take it out the wrong way then it won’t stick. The remote control the white won’t work but great and would buy again

  141. Phyllis April 29, 2020
  142. Blackrose45 April 29, 2020
  143. 1kidd April 29, 2020

    Love the look the lights add. The lights add a nice touch lightly woven thru a faux spring flower bundle in a tall glass jar . The colors of the lights are a perfect match.

  144. Jane April 29, 2020

    I really loved the lights

  145. Bunchs April 29, 2020

    Very cute. I really like these lights. You do have to reset them every time you turn them off, whether you want them to blink or not.

  146. Jayleen April 30, 2020

    i bought so many different string lights and none of them ever worked, but these work so well i even managed to hook it up to my phone so i can turn it on/off and change the color right from my phone. Def Reccomd

  147. Shalonda April 30, 2020

    LED Strip lights. 16.4/32.8ft will not is not enough for the whole bedroom. You will need to purchase two of these items.

  148. SHANNON April 30, 2020

    did not come with the fasteners to attach it to the wall.

  149. Jeannette May 1, 2020

    not what I expected. spent way to much money for something that wasn’t even worth it. the white box to hook up the lights had a shortage and didn’t turn on unless the cord was bent. 2 days after getting them they fell off the the wall, even when we cleaned off the wall with a dry rag to make sure the lights stick. I do not recommend these. very cheap brand. lights did not just change one color they changed multiple colors.

  150. Cassandra May 1, 2020

    These lights are pretty but do not light up in that many solid colors. Only green, blue and red light up solid. The rest will be mixed colors. Still get compliments despite.

  151. Morgan May 1, 2020

    Definitely recommend stringing up the lights BEFORE untying them, but overall these are perfect for what I wanted. All of the settings work and they look really pretty. I love that it just has an outlet because that’s what I was looking for.

  152. Christine May 1, 2020

    Got them for my granddaughter for her room and she loves them

  153. Kathryn May 1, 2020

    Just thought that it would be helpful when I had bought this product it does not come with the power supply to plug into the wall. You will need to buy a 12v 2a adaptor separately.

  154. Gabriel May 1, 2020

    It was defective don’t buy this

  155. LuzDivina7 May 1, 2020

    LED Strip lights, they are wonderfull!!! I love the LED strip lights, they are very easy to install. Comes with everything you need to install them and use them, the control comes with instractions and the batteries, you just need to pull out a piece of plastic out of the control so you can start using it. To place the strip lights on the wall you just need to peel off the blue tape on the back and place it on the wall, is that easy.

  156. DebTx May 2, 2020

    Won’t stick to a wall! This has an adhesive strip, and it may stick under a wooden cabinet, but it does not stick on drywall/sheetrock. We put up a 16′ strip and pressed on, and next morning the entire thing was on the floor. Tried adding some electrical staples, but one accidentally touched the strip and ruined one of the colors. It should come with a workable staple or something that helps it stay up on the wall.

  157. Dani May 3, 2020

    There were not as bright as the white and green ones. Which was most disappointing being the red lights were for my son’s birthday to add to his room

  158. keely May 3, 2020
  159. Patti May 3, 2020
  160. mrskholmes May 4, 2020

    My boys love them. Very nice lights. Be aware the the back side of the lights are sticky. There are bright so they do light the room well with the color you choose. If you want them to wrap the room will need at least two sets depending on how big the room is.

  161. kelsey May 4, 2020

    beautiful. they are so cute I just wish the battery was smaller otherwise beautiful

  162. DMJ May 4, 2020

    The product decent, but you’re able to see individual colors. For instance, when you choose purple, you see alternating blue and red lights.

  163. Angela May 4, 2020

    Looks great, easy set up. My son loves these fir his room. Easy to set up since it has taped backing. We put extra tape in certain sections to to be safe.

  164. kaci May 5, 2020

    Lights are beautiful!! Easy to hang! Although I did find the exact ones for a lot cheaper. The only issue I have with this set of lights – the light setting- I will set it for “waterfall” and it will change itself 30 min later to combination. It was purchased for my daughters room- so it doesn’t bother her.

  165. Melissa May 5, 2020

    Frustrated. I received this with a missing adapter for attaching both sets to eachother. I can’t use one set because of it. Now I’m looking for adapter somewhere.

  166. pamela May 5, 2020

    Crap. Adhesive is bad!!! Does not work at all!! Would not buy at again!!

  167. yazmeen May 5, 2020

    Lights don’t hang like the picture but they’re beautiful. A lot of lights. More then I thought it’ll be. Helped make the night special.

  168. Danielle May 8, 2020

    Love them. I love the fact that there are multiple functions for these lights. They shine beautifully and definitely serve their purpose.

  169. Dee May 8, 2020

    Switching the On and Off resets to a demo mode. They are pretty and work great with white shear curtains. they don’t come with curtains (no marks off for that just info) and there is no Off switch, and when you put them on a switch they don’t stay on the last setting. So it starts cycling through all the settings. Not ideal. If they would either start out being all on that would be nice.

  170. Dennis May 8, 2020

    Good. There great they work good but i had to buy a power Cord as it doesnt come with the sets

  171. Jakiera May 8, 2020

    The box was already open and it’s not working at all

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