love beauty is a woman’s nature, with tight, smooth and white skin is almost every woman’s pursuit. But sometimes we can find that no matter how to use the products, the skin will still be loose and dark yellow. Why is this? Japanese experts believe that this may be the negative impact of diet. People’s diet structure and eating habits have a huge impact on all aspects of the human body. Do you know that when you eat too much sugar, it not only affects the body, but also affects the skin? Japan economic news article, introduced the expert diet skin care suggestion: eat low GI value food! Do you know the harm of saccharification to skin care?


talk about “saccharification”, perhaps most people do not understand. The so-called “saccharification” refers to a reaction phenomenon in which the ingested sugar adheres to the protein in the body. In general, the sugar intake through diet will be converted into the energy needed by the brain and muscle, but when the sugar intake is too much, the sugar metabolism function is low, and then the sugar will be retained in the body.


proteins are the basis of life. They exist in the skin, muscles, blood vessels and other parts of the body. In normal adults, 60% of the body is water, 17-18% is composed of protein, and the tight skin is composed of collagen and elastin in dermis. Once the retained sugar in the body combines with these proteins, it will form inferior protein, and the glycosylated collagen and elastin will not function normally, resulting in skin relaxation gradually. In addition, the saccharification of dermis will make the skin turn yellow gradually. After the saccharification of cuticle, the moisturizing ability of skin will also decrease, resulting in dry and dark yellow skin.

want to have beautiful skin, the first thing to have the right diet structure and habits! Japanese Dermatology Society professional physician yiiko Koyanagi for women to provide a few prevention of skin glycosylation of diet tips, might as well take a look at it!

Tips 1: eat food rich in dietary fiber

in three meals a day, staple food, meat, soup, vegetables and so on, but from the perspective of anti saccharification, the way to eat first is not right. It’s best to start with vegetables rich in dietary fiber, so that the body is ready to “accept sugar.”. But if the vegetables themselves have added sugar for cooking, it’s better to move the order of eating back, regardless of the amount of dietary fiber. Therefore, in the order of daily diet, we might as well eat more vegetables, absorb enough dietary fiber, and then slowly eat some fish and meat, and finally start eating white rice. If possible, we can add some oats, corn, sweet potato and other food rich in dietary fiber in rice, and reduce the sugar index of white rice.

tips 2: when you want to eat snacks, use nuts instead of

. When you spend time on the Internet or watching TV series, you will feel bored if you don’t eat anything. At this time, women are most likely to reach out to all kinds of snacks, leading to excessive sugar intake. In fact, when choosing snacks, you can choose healthier snacks. It is quite good to replace candy and cakes with nuts.

such as almond contains rich oleic acid, can inhibit the saccharification reaction, but also contains rich dietary fiber, at the same time, it contains antioxidant vitamin E, for women, it is also a good ingredient for beauty, usually, the daily intake of nuts can be controlled at 20-30.

if you really want to eat sweets, you don’t need to be too patient, because stress is the big taboo of beauty. When you want to eat sugar, it is OK to eat a little occasionally, or eat some fruit as a snack can also satisfy the desire to eat sweet food.

small suggestion 3: control alcohol intake

for beauty, alcohol is something that must be avoided. Even though alcohol itself is a low GI food, it can promote sugar absorption. Moreover, alcohol is not only bad for beauty, but also closely related to the health of other organs of women. Especially, alcohol intake is more directly proportional to the incidence rate of breast cancer. Therefore, for people with drinking habits, alcohol intake should be reduced as much as possible, preferably controlled at 2-3 times a week; if there is no drinking habit, alcohol intake should be avoided as much as possible. Excessive intake of


sugar will affect skin health, eat more vegetables, eat more food with low GI value, pay attention to the adjustment of diet structure and order, in order to better protect delicate skin!

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