taboo 1: prefer to make more than half a pot, not less than a bowl. “”


“many people always worry about not enough rice to eat and starve their families when they cook. Therefore, they have the idea that” it is better to make half a pot than a bowl less “. If you eat more lunch, you can easily induce some diseases if you eat too much dinner. Hong Zhaoguang, a health care expert highly respected by the people, once said: “walk eight thousand steps a day, sleep eight hours at night, have eight full meals, and eight glasses of water a day.”. One of them is to remind us not to eat too much. At all times and in all countries, there are hundreds of ways to prolong life, but none of them are effective. It is really recognized that the most effective way to prolong life is one, which we call “low calorie diet”, that is, seven to eight full.


American scientists have done such an experiment. They have found 200 healthy monkeys of the same age, weight and gender. 100 monkeys are fed with it every day, and the other 100 monkeys are fed seven or eight minutes a day. Results after a period of time, 50 of the 100 monkeys who opened their mouths to eat freely died; the other 100 monkeys who were full at seven or eight points were slim, healthy, much better spirited and seldom ill. After 10 years of rearing, 12 of the 100 Monkeys died. The observation finally proved that all the long-lived monkeys were full.

therefore, it is really important to be full at seven or eight points. There is an old saying in traditional Chinese medicine: if you want to be healthy, you should be hungry and cold. And the family in the meal time often inadvertently already full or overeat, it is difficult to control. This requires our chef to control when cooking. Of course, this process can’t be implemented too quickly, and it needs to be reduced slowly. For example, in the first week, the family’s staple food will be reduced by 10%, and the family will reduce another 10% after they adapt to it. Because less rice is cooked, it can not only make the family feel the food is delicious, but also make the family more healthy. Why not? In addition, if the family still feel hungry after dinner and want to eat, they can add some fruit after half an hour of dinner. The second taboo of


: a good chef has a handful of salt.

many people have always had the concept of “salty is fresh”, “good chef has a handful of salt” and “salty food is good for dinner”. They like to eat salty food, commonly known as “heavy mouth”. However, the long-term intake of large amounts of salt has a great impact on health, which not only induces hypertension, but also causes gastritis, peptic ulcer, upper respiratory tract infection and other diseases. In addition, excessive salt is the main cause of osteoporosis. Because the kidney will excrete excessive sodium with urine to the body every day, every 1000 mg of sodium is excreted, and about 26 mg of calcium is lost at the same time. Therefore, the more sodium the human body needs to drain, the greater the consumption of calcium, which will inevitably affect the normal growth of bones.


although people pay more attention to diet and health, more and more people know the harm of high salt diet, and they will carefully control the amount of salt when cooking. But if you want to make a healthy diet with low salt, it is not enough to put less salt, and we should be alert to those foods with high salt content. Such as all kinds of pickles, ham, sausage, preserved eggs, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, sufu, preserved fruit, dried beef, dried fish, fried goods, bacon, soy sauce products. In addition, usually like to eat high salt snacks, snacks, etc., these humble food is also the main reason for the rise in salt intake.

for “heavy mouth” families, suddenly reducing the salt in food may not be very used to, you can use the following several ways to make the food delicious:

1. Onion, ginger, garlic, etc. by cooking oil explosion aroma, can increase the taste of food.


2. Use white vinegar, lemon, apple, grapefruit, orange, tomato and other sour food to increase the taste of the dishes.


3. It can increase the sweet and sour flavor of food, stimulate appetite, and relatively reduce the demand for salty taste.


4. Such as steaming, stewing and so on, helps to maintain the original flavor of food. It can be seasoned with traditional Chinese medicine and spices. Add the flavor of black jujube, Chinese prickly ash, Chinese prickly ash, Chinese prickly ash, Chinese prickly ash and so on. Eating more fruit salad, vegetable salad and so on, not only can not use salt, but also can supplement potassium, which is good for the body.

taboo 3: more vegetable oil is better.

many people have realized the harm of animal fat, rarely use animal fat and eat fat meat. However, the amount of cooking oil used in cooking dishes has not decreased, but has an increasing trend. At present, most families have used vegetable oil as cooking oil. Although this is a great progress compared with animal oil, the heat of vegetable oil is also very high. The heat of 100 g vegetable oil is as high as 900 kcal, while that of 100 g pork is only 395 kcal. High calorie intake can significantly increase the risk of obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and malignant tumor. The daily intake of cooking oil recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society is only 25 grams. However, the actual average intake of urban and rural residents has reached 41 grams, which is even higher in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. In addition, although vegetable oil contains a large amount of linoleic acid, which helps to reduce the cholesterol content in human blood, vegetable oil is unsaturated fat. If you eat too much, it is easy to form peroxide esters in the human body. This substance accumulated in the body, can cause cerebral thrombosis and myocardial infarction and other diseases, and may even induce cancer. Therefore, although vegetable edible oil can promote food to be more delicious, it is still necessary to restrain ourselves in the situation that health and taste are difficult to be unified. It is suggested that chefs should choose more healthy cooking methods, such as stewing, boiling, steaming, cold mix and other less oil way. Try making only one stir fry with a stew and a salad in each meal. I believe that low oil diet will make your family more healthy. Reading about


People with bad stomach try garlic water


. Garlic can increase appetite, also contains allicin and capsaicin, and its bactericidal capacity can reach 1 / 10 of penicillin. But Zuo Xiaoxia, from the Nutrition Department of 309 Hospital of the PLA, said garlic also had some “side effects.”. After eating garlic, gastric acid secretion will increase, and capsaicin also has stimulation to gastric mucosa, so people with gastrointestinal diseases are not suitable to eat. However, since garlic’s bactericidal effect is so good, it’s a pity not to eat it. Just make garlic water. Chop garlic, put 10 minutes, add cool white open on the line, the stimulation of the stomach is small. The above content of

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