in today’s market, black sesame paste, coarse grain biscuits and other processed foods are often regarded as synonyms of nutrition and health, and even many people regard it as the first choice for gifts to visit relatives and friends. In fact, they’re not as healthy as you might think, because some of the ingredients have greatly reduced their nutritional value. In this issue, I would like to help you summarize the unhealthy ingredients that often appear in these foods.

black sesame paste, walnut powder and other powder paste food: white granulated sugar, maltodextrin. Black sesame, walnut and so on belong to the food with high nutrient density. After grinding them into powder, in addition to losing part of the nutrients that are afraid of heat, most of the other nutrients have been retained. Therefore, the powder food made of black sesame and walnut has higher nutritional value. However, in order to reduce the cost and improve the taste, many manufacturers in the market will add sugar and maltodextrin into the paste food. Maltodextrin (maltodextrin) is a decomposition product made from starch, which is easier to digest and absorb than starch macromolecules. It is beneficial to patients with poor digestive capacity after operation. But the speed of blood glucose rising is very fast, which can be comparable with white sugar, so diabetic patients should avoid it. It is suggested that you should take a look at the ingredient list when choosing paste food, and choose high nutritional food as the first, and the position of white granulated sugar and maltodextrin is better.

chocolate, chocolate cake and other products: white granulated sugar, cocoa butter substitute. The main raw material of real chocolate comes from cocoa beans, among which polyphenols are bitter and astringent, which brings unique flavor and heart healthy characteristics to chocolate. However, the main raw materials of many chocolates on the market are white granulated sugar and cocoa butter substitutes. Cocoa butter substitutes are fats made from vegetable oil after high-tech cooling, special hydrogenation and refining, which may contain artificial trans fats, which will increase the risk of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other chronic diseases. Even if trans fat reduction technology is adopted in the hydrogenation process, it is still not a substitute for real chocolate, because it does not contain the health ingredients of cocoa beans. When buying chocolate products, try to choose cocoa beans with high content of related ingredients (cocoa powder, cocoa puree, etc.), and avoid those with the words “cocoa butter”.

coarse grain biscuits, soda biscuits: oil. Grains and beans mainly contain insoluble dietary fiber, which has a bad taste. Therefore, if you want to achieve a better taste of coarse grain biscuits, you need oil to play a “lubricating” role in it, because the fiber will become soft after oil absorption. So biscuits that claim to have higher dietary fiber content usually have higher fat content. Traditionally, soda biscuits contain less fat and are fermented, so they are easier to digest than other biscuits. They are good for people who have too much stomach acid. However, in order to meet the taste of consumers, soda biscuits are often crispy, so most products are more or less added with lard, vegetable cream, palm oil and other ingredients. The crisper biscuit usually means a higher saturated fat content. In the purchase of biscuit food, to focus on the fat content, try to choose low fat products. ▲

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