can’t help but drink during the Spring Festival. Do you know that? Antidote can be solved by eating fruit, what fruit can you eat to relieve alcohol? Let’s see what fruit can solve the bar! Although


say that fruits and juice can relieve alcohol, they can’t indulge in drinking!

Bananas: some people will feel chest tightness after drinking alcohol, and their heart rate is fast and strong. At this time, they can eat 1 to 3 bananas to relieve alcohol. Because banana contains substances to enhance blood glucose concentration, blood glucose concentration rise, and then make the blood alcohol content does not fall, to relieve alcohol, relieve chest tightness.


grapes: grapes are also one of the ideal fruit for anti wine. Fresh grapes contain a large number of tartaric acid, which can react with alcohol in the wine to form ester substances after entering the human body, which can reduce the alcohol concentration in blood pressure, and the human body is not easy to get drunk. In addition, the sour taste of grapes can also alleviate the nausea, nausea and other stomach discomfort symptoms caused by drinking.

watermelon juice: as we said above, in addition to eating fruits, drinking fruit juice can also relieve alcohol. Watermelon juice is a good choice, because watermelon juice can promote urination, let the body’s after all excretion with urine, and can also play a cooling effect, prevent the problem of fever after drinking.

small editor tips: although it is said that eating these ordinary fruits and juices can help to relieve alcoholism, this kind of antidote method is more healthy and does not harm the body, but also should pay attention not to drink too much! If you are too greedy, you have to pay attention to other health problems.

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