How much skin care and maintenance has

done? Does the skin still keep aging? Sometimes it’s not that your skin care work is wrong, it’s that you eat the wrong foods that accelerate your aging.




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1. Salt: destroys skin collagen

. A large amount of salt not only destroys the collagen of skin, but also causes wrinkles, and also causes blood pressure to rise, which is not conducive to heart health.

2. Soda water: damage teeth

your skin and teeth do not like soda water, high content of sodium brings extra burden to the body.

3. Single carbohydrate: destroy collagen

high content of glycerol exists in staple foods such as white bread and pasta, which can damage the collagen of the skin and make the skin relax in advance. Whole wheat bread and roughage are better for your health.

4, red meat: cause vascular sclerosis

research found that people who eat red meat more than once a week have a higher content of creatine in their bodies, which is easy to cause vascular sclerosis, and then grow wrinkles.

5. Alcohol: causes skin dehydration.

alcohol is another major cause of dehydration. The next morning of drinking, swollen eyes must be with you say hi. In addition, red wine can make teeth discoloration and long spots.

6. Trans fat: artery blockage

all margarine and fast food contain trans fat, which not only promotes skin aging, but also causes artery blockage, which brings health risks to the body. Why not consider olive oil?

7. Spicy food: make the skin lose elasticity

although pepper can promote metabolism, it will make the skin lose elasticity. Here is to eat a lot, occasionally greedy is OK.

8. Sugar: insulin levels rise.

candy is no longer our love, because sugar will lead to the rise of insulin levels and accelerate skin aging.

9. Processed meat: causes skin inflammation

hot dogs, sausages and bacon contain a large number of sulfite preservatives, leading to skin inflammation and sensitivity.

10. Coffee: causes skin dehydration.

in the morning, you may need a cup of coffee to wake up the lazy cells in the body, but don’t overdo it. First, too much caffeine can turn your teeth yellow and instantly make you look five years old. Second, it can dehydrate your body, and as a result, your skin will no longer be tender.

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