in cooking skills sometimes just add a little seasoning or small ingredients, your taste buds will soon be cheated. Let’s follow Xiaobian to see some ingredients that can help you improve the taste and make the food more delicious!


artichoke is also known as artichoke. Generally, the chef will provide some artichoke to customers before serving dessert or other desserts, because after eating artichoke, no matter what food you eat, people will have a sweet feeling. If you take out dessert or vegetables later, the taste will be sweeter and make the customers feel more happy. In fact, the ingredients that can produce this effect are far more than artichoke, each of which can deceive people’s taste buds and make people feel more pleasant.


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artichoke in these ingredients, in fact, only a little effect. After eating artichoke, people will not feel that the next dish is particularly sweet, but what is amazing is that after eating artichoke, the taste of the next dish will make people feel more fresh, more fragrant and sweet, and can leave a deep impression.


artichoke is not a bitter dish. It contains an acidic substance called artichoke acid, which can effectively block the sweetness. After eating the food with artichoke first, and then eating the food without artichoke, people will have a feeling of contrast compared with the previous one, and obviously feel that the latter dish will be more delicious than the previous one.


salt is a seasoning that every household will use. We all know that salt is a salty substance. But as long as we use salt skillfully, we can not only reduce the bitter substances, but also make people feel that the food we eat is more sweet. The mechanism of


is different from artichoke. Artichoke blocks sweetness and makes people compare sweetness again, which makes people feel sweeter; while salt uses the opposite taste to promote sweetness from the negative side, so that people can fully feel the sweetness. For example, adding a little salt to the fruits that are not yet fully ripe and slightly bitter can make people feel sweeter; for example, adding a little salt to coffee can reduce the bitterness and make it sweeter; for example, adding a little salt to a soda can make the soda more sweet and refreshing Because sweetness is easier to catch than bitterness, adding a little salt to these foods can make people enjoy the sweetness of food to a greater extent.

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