fruit is usually preferred to eat, fruit can also supplement the body’s vitamin, but some fruits due to adulteration of bad vendors, resulting in fruit become “toxic”, let’s learn about it.


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1. Peach: soak


honey peach with industrial citric acid, the peach color is bright red and not easy to rot. This chemical residue can damage the nervous system, induce allergic diseases, and even cause cancer. Semi ripe crisp peach, add alum, sweetener, alcohol, etc., to make it crisp and sweet. The main ingredient of alum is aluminum sulfate, long-term consumption will lead to bone hyperplasia, memory loss, dementia, skin elasticity decline and increased wrinkles and other problems. White peach smoked with sulfur, there will be sulfur dioxide residue.

2. Mango: covering yellow with quicklime

green mango is covered with quicklime, which makes the skin look yellow and clear, but it doesn’t taste like mango. It also has the problem of excessive use of preservatives.


3. Pear: auxin makes it precocious.


use turpentine and auxin to make it precocious, and then bleach and dye it with bleaching powder and colorant (lemon yellow). The treated pear juice is less and tasteless, sometimes accompanied by odor and putrefaction. This kind of poisonous pear has short storage time and is easy to rot.


4. Banana: ripen with ammonia water and

with ammonia or sulfur dioxide. This kind of banana has a bright yellow skin, but its flesh tastes stiff and its taste is not sweet. Sulfur dioxide causes damage to the nervous system of human body, and also affects liver and kidney functions.

5. Watermelon: expanding agent to promote


exceeds the standard. Ripening agent, expanding agent and highly toxic pesticide are used. The stripes on the skin of this kind of watermelon are uneven, and the flesh is fresh after cutting, and the seeds are white and have peculiar smell.

6. Grapes: add ethylene purple


. Soak the immature green grapes in ethephon diluted solution. After one or two days, the green grapes will become purple grapes. This kind of grape has uneven color, less sugar content, less juice and light taste. It is harmful to human body if it is consumed for a long time. 7. Persimmon: ripen the raw persimmon with yeast or ripening agent, but the sweetness of persimmon is greatly reduced. There are also fruit growers in the raw persimmon Diba point on “a test of the spirit” to make it red. These chemicals will produce residues, making persimmons toxic.

8. Jujube: Dye


with chemical agent, and then boil water to make jujube red no matter how green. There are also fruit vendors with chemical staining agent dyeing, waxing with industrial paraffin, so that jujube with poison.

9, longan: spray sulfur to make it bright

spray sulfuric acid or acid solution immersion, make its color bright. Sulfuric acid is highly corrosive and can burn the digestive tract. Also easy to cause cold, diarrhea and strong cough.

10. Litchi: soaking in sulfuric acid to change color

soaked in sulfuric acid solution, or sprayed with Ethephon, make litchi become bright red and attractive, but easy to rot. This kind of solution is strong acid, can make hand desquamate, mouth bubble, still can burn intestines and stomach. There are also fruit vendors who smoke with sulfur dioxide, which can cause strong irritation to the eyes and throat, leading to dizziness, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Sulfur dioxide can also cause cancer.

11. Citrus: industrial paraffin polishing

citrus fruit storage preservatives used in excess, in the sale of colorant “beauty”, with industrial paraffin polishing. The impurities of industrial paraffin contain heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, etc., which can penetrate into the pulp and cause memory loss, anemia and other symptoms after use.

12. Apple: the color of


is enhanced by red pigment, and the color is enhanced by red pigment and preservative. Excessive use of turpentin, erythropoietin and preservatives will damage the liver. Retail fruit vendors will also give the apple industrial paraffin wax, the purpose is to maintain moisture, is the fruit bright and marketable.

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