stinky tofu is made of excrement? A few days ago, this question let the national netizens burst into a pot! I don’t know. Did you eat stinky tofu before?


however, fortunately, the food company has given an official response. It is a rumor that stinky tofu has excrement. The feces indicated in the packaging ingredients are just fabricated by the netizen PS. Therefore, we can eat stinky tofu safely and happily in the future. However, when it comes to stinky tofu, people always wonder why stinky tofu smells bad but tastes delicious? Is it really processed with fecal water? Is it possible to process stinky tofu with


don’t worry! This is absolutely impossible! Because technically speaking, it is impossible to make people’s favorite “stink” by soaking bean curd with fecal water alone. Although it is also smelly, the smell of Xiang is very different from that of tofu! The


stinky tofu is made by soaking and fermenting the stinky brine. The so-called stinky brine is made by natural decay and fermentation of rice straw, meat, Chinese cabbage, wax gourd, Zanthoxylum, bamboo shoot and other food materials. The complex microbial community derived from it can generate ammonia and sulfur compounds, and emit a unique odor. Although


stinky tofu is delicious, there are security risks. Many people like


because of their strong taste and fragrant taste. However, it is not recommended to eat more stinky tofu soaked in brine, because ordinary vendors can not control the biological species derived from the stinky brine in the fermentation process, so the stinky tofu we eat may contain some harmful bacteria to our health! In addition, small workshops making stinky tofu usually use inferior raw materials to make stinky tofu in order to save costs, so the hygiene of food can not be guaranteed!

to eat stinky tofu, to know how to choose!

1. Smell

if stinky tofu smells strong pungent smell, causing nasal discomfort, do not buy! Although the normal tofu stink, but the nasal cavity will not produce rejection.

2. If the water soaked in stinky tofu is black and has reddish brown sediment, it is not recommended to buy it.

3. Look at the tofu

tear the stinky tofu. If it is authentic stinky tofu, the color inside will be dark, and it will be very tasty after tasting; if the color of stinky tofu is white and the taste is very light, then it is not recommended to eat it again.

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