is a successful dish, which can take both delicious and health care into consideration. As a medical tonic material, yam often appears on our dining table, and there are many cooking methods. Different methods have different nutrition retention, and different food ingredients can produce different tonic and health effects. The following recommended a few yam delicious and health practices.


fried yam. Among all the yam practices, fried yam is the most nutritious and delicious. Because of the short heating time, the nutrients, especially vitamin C, are lost less. For example, the vegetarian ones are fried edible fungus with Chinese yam, fried yam with tomato, and the meat ones are fried pork slices with yam, sauteed kidney flower with yam, fried shrimp with yam, and diced chicken with yam.


Steamed Yam. If it is a serious illness, no appetite, you can choose the simplest steaming method. Peel the yam, cut it into sections, steam it in a pot, and then dip it in sugar. It is fresh, soft and delicious. This kind of eating method tastes soft and rotten, and it is also suitable for patients with chronic diseases, such as hypertension and stomach diseases. Like sweets and frail women can also blanch yam in the water, water boiled honey, eat can nourish yin and blood.


are used to cook yam porridge. When cooking porridge, add some pieces of Chinese yam, together with a few torn red dates, children and the elderly are most suitable to eat. Because the mouth of these two groups of people is not very good, and the digestive system is relatively weak, and yam porridge is very easy to digest. In addition, people with weak spleen and stomach or indigestion are also suitable to drink yam porridge. In addition, it can also do peanut yam porridge, wolfberry yam porridge, longan yam porridge, pumpkin yam porridge, etc.


stewed yam. Chinese yam stewed chicken, spleen and stomach, suitable for autumn and winter tonic, cut yam into sections, use pressure cooker to slightly press chicken pieces, three mature, into yam section and add wolfberry and other accessories, and then simmer for 20 minutes. Stew spareribs with Chinese yam to nourish the kidney and replenish essence. Blanch the ribs in hot water and wash them. Then put them in the pot and add water for 20 minutes. Add the cut yam, add other materials and seasoning. Then continue to cook for 15 minutes on medium heat. ▲

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