carambola is a kind of good-looking and delicious fruit. It tastes sour, sweet and crisp. The most common way to eat it is to wash it clean and eat it directly. But carambola, like many fruits, also has a variety of different ways to eat, change a way to eat, change a mood oh. “Spkds” and “spkds” were the most common methods to eat “spkds” and “spkds”. Clean the carambola, and then use a knife to cut off the hard edge of the corner. Note that only the thin hard edge can be cut off. It is not necessary to cut off all the water chestnut. Then cut the thin five pointed star slices with the knife, and then you can eat it. If you think the carambola is too astringent or too sour, dip some sugar, it will make the carambola more delicious.

sugar carambola

method: fresh carambola 100g, sugar 50g. Wash the carambola with water, cut it with a fruit knife, put it into the plate, sprinkle sugar evenly on the fresh fruit, marinate for 30 minutes, and then eat it. This way, you don’t have to worry about the taste discomfort caused by too sour carambola. It also has the effect of relieving heat and promoting water, which is suitable for diarrhea caused by heat and dampness.

vinegar stained carambola

method: take a fresh carambola, 50 ml red vinegar. Wash the carambola with water, then divide it into two with a fruit knife. Put the fresh fruit into a cup, soak it in red vinegar for 10 minutes, and then pour out the vinegar. You can eat carambola. Don’t think that vinegar will be more sour, in fact, the carambola is very delicious and delicious, and has the effect of digestion and middle, can be used to treat indigestion, chest tightness, abdominal distension and other diseases.

carambola juice drink

fresh carambola can also be directly squeezed, three fresh carambola, washed with water, cut into diced meat with a fruit knife, and mash the juice, pour the juice into a cup, and drink it with some water and sugar appropriately. The sweet and sour carambola juice has the effect of clearing away heat and wind, relieving pain and detumescence, which is suitable for patients with joint swelling and pain.


carambola tea


were salted with sugar method and stored in sealed jar for one week. Salted carambola slices, the original juice water boiling, dry standby. When you need to make tea, you can make black tea in water and add carambola slices. The quantity depends on your taste. In this way, you will have the strong fragrance of black tea and carambola, which is very special.

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