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Murphy beds, as great and as space-efficient as they may be, are not nearly as exciting as Murphy doors. Yes, there is such a thing as a Murphy door. You’re probably already familiar with the concept: this is basically a door disguised as a bookshelf, a door that hides a secret room. More info at



  1. Justin Demars May 14, 2020

    No secrets of the Murphy door revealed

  2. Totrch29 May 14, 2020

    This video is a waste of time

  3. rhyfelur May 14, 2020


  4. K H May 14, 2020

    Most of these in the video use hinges in the front. Use a in swing swivel hinge in rear..

  5. peacefulheart May 14, 2020

    Background music sounds creepy and depressing, doesn't go with the video.

  6. vhilai May 14, 2020

    And why do you make it sound like its scary to have these doors

  7. Jeff Blankenship May 14, 2020

    How can your products look so good and the video so poor?

  8. Ady Unix May 14, 2020


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