is a cold day, many people, especially pregnant women and children eat raw and cold fruit may appear abdominal distension or diarrhea and other gastrointestinal discomfort phenomenon. Some people, a winter simply do not touch fruit, of course, do not dare to give children to eat. What to do? Liu Changwei, a nutritionist at Nanjing Children’s Hospital, said that in fact, some fruits have the same nutrition when they are hot, but they do not have a flavor.

apples, pears, loquats: cook and eat

cut apples and pears into small pieces and put them into a pot and boil them with water, or put them into a container and add a small amount of water to steam. Of course, if you can tolerate cold fruit can also be eaten directly, just pay attention not to eat too much, in order to avoid causing cold and abdominal distension and other problems. Many people think that vitamin C is destroyed when the fruit is heated. In fact, the content of vitamin C in apple and pear is not high, and the content of vitamin B1 and folic acid is also less. In addition, organic acids in fruits, such as malic acid in apples, can also protect vitamin C, so the damage of vitamin C is not as serious as people think. What’s more, fat soluble vitamins such as carotene and lycopene, as well as minerals such as potassium and magnesium in fruits can be basically preserved even if they are steamed. And the fruit after heating, fiber softening, easier to digest, especially suitable for the elderly and infants.


foreign studies have found that the content of polyphenols in apples after heating will be greatly increased, which is due to the release of polyphenols after Apple heating, and polyphenols can eliminate free radicals in the body and antioxidant. Another purpose of


in cooking fruits is to enhance the efficacy. Some cool fruit after high-temperature cooking, frying, cooling decreased. For people with cold constitution, it is more suitable to eat like this.


is a common diet therapy for Sydney. Eating raw Sydney has the effect of clearing away heat, reducing fire and detoxification. Cooked edible, Sydney’s function of nourishing yin and moistening lung can be more prominent. In addition, such as rock sugar Sydney, Sichuan pear and other classic sugar water formula, adding different ingredients, medicinal materials for cooking, the two ingredients can complement each other, enhance the efficacy.

in addition, loquat boiled into sugar water can improve the effect of cough and phlegm; hawthorn processed into Hawthorn slices can reduce the acidity of the fruit itself, improve the performance of anti eating and appetizing; kumquat, orange and other honey, pickled, can improve the effect of thirst and phlegm, these are common methods to enhance the curative effect of fruit. The above content of

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