goes out to eat, we always worry that the oil in the hotel is not clean, but what many people don’t know is that the oil you use in your home may be dirtier than the waste oil. The


oils are dirtier than the gutter oil. 1. The oil pot that has not been washed for a long time may cause cancer. If the


oil pots are not cleaned for a long time, they will become a serious area of oil oxidation. Oxidized oil heated, will produce a lot of carcinogens, among which epoxypropylaldehyde is more lethal.

pour new edible oil into the oil pot that has not been cleaned for a long time. The oxidized oil attached to the oil pot will pollute the new oil. The cooking oil mixed with oxidized oil will not only produce a lot of oil smoke, but also affect the taste and nutrition, and lead to some chronic toxic reactions such as diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and so on. Long term consumption of this kind of oil can even accelerate aging, and also pose a threat to our health.

2. Self pressing oil has risks

on May 23, 2018, Foshan public security organs conducted a random inspection on peanut oil sold by Tang xuxiong in shuiteng village, Foshan, and found that aflatoxin content exceeded the standard, which was enough to cause serious food borne diseases.



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nowadays, the problem of gutter oil makes people worry about food safety. Many people therefore favor the farmers’ self pressed oil, so that the raw materials for pressing oil are self-produced, without additives, and are green and healthy. In fact, even if the oil is squeezed by farmers themselves, it may have the same problem as the unqualified workshop in Foshan, making the oil contain aflatoxin.

this is because most of the small oil extraction workshops in rural areas often lack the process of removing aflatoxin. Even if they attach great importance to the hygiene of raw materials, it is inevitable that deteriorated raw materials will be mixed into them. The aflatoxin produced by deteriorated peanut, soybean and other substances mixed into edible oil will affect our health. Because this is a strong carcinogen.

in addition, self pressing oil may also have the problem of oil pot mentioned above. If the self pressing oil equipment is not often cleaned, it is easy to attach oxidized grease. These oxidized oils and fats are mixed with new oils, which can cause cancer.


of course, if the self pressed oil is made by a trusted neighbor or friend, the safety can be guaranteed. Therefore, we suggest that you should be careful when purchasing self pressed oil. Some studies have shown that many human diseases, such as tumor and vascular sclerosis, are associated with lipid oxidation, especially “thousand boiling oil”. The heating time and temperature of kilo oil are long and high, which will produce harmful substances such as trans fat and carbon quinone. The more times edible oil is turned over, the more harmful substances will be.

, and

contain a large number of trans fatty acids, long-term consumption will lead to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other diseases; while heating cooking oil will produce oil smoke containing carcinogens such as benzopyrene, long-term inhalation will lead to lung cancer. Therefore, if it is commonly used thousands of rolling oil, even if the oil used is detected and often replaced with new oil, it can not guarantee safety.

healthy eating oil, we need to pay attention to four points,

if you want to eat more healthy oil, not only to avoid gutter oil, but also to do the following. It is necessary to keep the oil pot clean and clean at least once a month. In order to reduce the oxidation of oil, the amount of oil in the oil pot should not be too high, and the amount of oil should be used once a week. Do not mix new oil with old oil. Because if there is oxidized oil in it, it is not worth polluting the new oil. It is suggested to pour new oil into the small oil pot after the oil is finished. The edible oil should be stored away from light. Light irradiation can accelerate the production of free radicals in edible oil and accelerate the oxidation of oil. Therefore, should put edible oil in the dark place such as cupboard. Go to the regular place to buy oil, choose the oil quantity according to the consumption, don’t stock up. Large bottles of oil are more preferential, and can be used for a long time, do not need to buy many times, so many families love to buy large bottles of oil. However, the longer the oil is kept, the easier it will be oxidized and rancid. Therefore, when buying oil, it is better to buy the smaller one according to the consumption.


therefore, many people choose to choose their own cooking oil and press them for their own sake. However, if the purchase place is wrong and the way of use is improper, the harm may not be lower than that of gutter oil.


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