rock sugar is used in many places, whether it is used as a dish, or as a dessert or drink. But do you know how to break big chunks of polycrystalline rock sugar?

hit with a hammer? With the back of a knife? If you want to help the big rock sugar to disintegrate easily, you can use the microwave oven, which is not only convenient, but also time-saving.


method: put the rock sugar into the microwave oven, turn it to medium high heat, and heat it for 10-15 seconds; take out the rock sugar and break it with your hand.

special reminder: egg size rock sugar, high heat 10 seconds, bigger than the egg, 15 seconds on the line. Don’t take too long, or it will melt.

if the microwave oven is old-fashioned and there is no time electronic display, you need to watch the time yourself.

now many microwave ovens are computer boards, so the firepower can’t be adjusted. However, the default of this kind of microwave oven is “medium high” or “high fire”. The specific situation should be determined according to the “temper” of your own microwave oven.

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