High sugar food

high sugar food is easy to cause skin acne. So if you happen to like sugary drinks or sugary coffee, it’s time to get rid of this bad habit. In addition to sugary drinks, if you also like to eat chocolate, cakes, etc., you should control yourself, do not eat too much high sugar food.

2. Dairy products

from the point of view of nutrition, dairy products are great food. Its nutritional value is rich, can provide energy for the body, but also can supplement calcium However, if excessive consumption of dairy products, such as cheese, butter, milk, it is easy to stimulate the secretion of hormones in the body, thus affecting the skin. Some people even think: excessive intake of dairy products is the main cause of endocrine disorders and wrinkles in women. Whether this view is true or false, the right amount of dairy intake is a good way to balance nutrition and skin beauty.


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3. The life of processed food


is becoming more and more convenient, and the processed food and semi-finished products gradually occupy a place in our daily diet. But you know what? The processed food containing a large amount of food additives is one of the main causes of pore blockage and skin aging. Therefore, if you want to beautify your skin, stay away from these processed foods and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Caffeine

4. Caffeine

caffeine may cause skin relaxation in women. Beauty experts suggest that women who like to drink coffee should choose coffee without caffeine. Black tea and green tea also contain a small amount of caffeine, so women should control their daily tea consumption. If you want to pursue white and smooth skin, boiled water is the best choice. Crustacean food

5. Whether shrimp, crab or lobster, seafood is usually rich in iodine, and the metabolism of iodine is not discharged from the body through the digestive tract, but through the sebaceous gland. Therefore, excessive intake of iodine is easy to lead to pore blockage, leading to acne, blackhead and other skin conditions.

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