when patients learn that they have esophageal cancer, they first fall into a depression in their mood, and then the patient’s diet is affected. Even many patients who can’t bear the psychological burden refuse to cooperate or eat any food, even drinking water is very difficult. Finally, doctors can only supplement the nutrition needed in the body through intravenous injection. What should esophageal cancer pay special attention to in diet? The following is to understand what matters should be paid attention to in the diet of lower esophagus cancer! The diet of


esophageal cancer requires


. First, avoid blindly abusing


. According to experts, esophageal cancer is different from other diseases and can not take supplements. At the same time, patients should not randomly inject interferon and other supplements. These supplements not only do not make the patient strong, but may promote the rapid growth and metastasis of the patient’s mass.

2. Eat less barbecue food

this is also one of the dietary requirements of esophageal cancer, because the barbecue food contains a lot of carcinogens, so patients can not eat barbecue food, in case of aggravating the disease.


3. Taboo stimulating food

esophageal cancer patients suffered from great damage, if eat stimulating food again will aggravate the disease. Therefore, hot dumplings, high concentration of wine, garlic, etc., esophageal cancer patients do not eat.

4. Avoid eating hormone food

. This is also one of the dietary requirements of esophageal cancer. Because many animals contain hormones, it will do great harm to the body of patients with esophageal cancer. Therefore, patients should not eat healthy food, such as mutton, dog meat, pigeon, etc. 5. Avoid cold liquid food. Don’t drink any food that has been stored for a long time, because it is easy to cause esophageal spasm, nausea and vomiting. What does

prevent esophagus cancer to eat? Esophageal cancer has been bothering us all the time, especially the male compatriots. If suffering from esophageal cancer seriously affects the quality of life, want to know what to eat in daily life for the prevention of esophageal cancer, then, what to eat to prevent esophageal cancer? Let’s introduce it below. Six, eat more “berry” fruits

blueberry, Brazil berry, raspberry and cranberry. These kinds of berry fruits contain rich phytonutrients, and phytonutrients are effective substances to prevent cancer. The active ingredients in Brazil berries can kill cancer cells in the culture medium; compounds in blueberries can cause cancer cells in the liver to die; cranberries have an important role in fighting ovarian cancer.

recently, researchers also found that eating freeze-dried strawberries can also prevent esophageal cancer. Strawberry is rich in an antioxidant, which can inhibit the precancerous lesions of esophageal cancer. The effect of freeze-drying strawberry is more obvious, because the effectiveness of anti-cancer components in strawberry is increased nearly 10 times after removing water. Eating more broccoli and cabbage

phytonutrients can effectively prevent esophageal cancer. Generally, the more phytonutrients, the more colorful fruits and vegetables. Broccoli and cabbage belong to the dark color. Persisting in long-term consumption of such vegetables is of great benefit to human body, not only to prevent esophageal cancer, but also to improve body function, balance nutrition and optimize health.

8. Drink more green tea

green tea contains catechol, catechol is one of the first plant chemicals used in anticancer research. Green tea contains a chemical called EGCG, which can effectively inhibit the growth of breast cancer. Two cups of green tea a day can prevent cancer and replenish water. For most Chinese, drinking tea is necessary in life, so the source of green tea is available everywhere.

9. Eat more garlic

health products made of garlic as the main component have been sold on the market in recent years, because garlic has preventive effect on many kinds of cancer, among which the prevention effect on digestive system cancer is the most obvious. The study found that middle-aged women who ate garlic regularly had a 50% lower risk of colon cancer than others.



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