according to legend, when Genghis Khan was fighting in the Central Plains, the light rain continued to fall for several months, and most of the officers and soldiers were acclimatized and infected with rheumatism. Seeing the defeat of Lincheng, Genghis Khan was very anxious. Later, a few soldiers took Poria cocos by chance, and rheumatism was cured. After hearing this, Genghis Khan was overjoyed. He sent people to Luotian County, which is rich in Poria cocos, to deliver a large number of Poria cocos to the soldiers. After eating, the soldiers and generals recovered from rheumatism. Genghis Khan finally won the battle, and the magical effect of Poria cocos in the treatment of rheumatism was also widely read.


Poria cocos has the effect of dispelling wind evil and dampness, can strengthen the spleen, remove dampness and eliminate edema.

at present, some countries take Poria cocos as the raw material of Navy commonly used drugs and tonics. It can be seen that the efficacy of Poria cocos in eliminating dampness is not only recognized by the Chinese people, but also recognized by foreign countries (see storytelling Chinese medicine, Shanxi science and technology press, edited by Zhang Jian).

Professor Chen Yanqing, director of the preventive treatment center of the Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi University of traditional Chinese medicine, commented that Poria cocos has been regarded as one of the “eight treasures of traditional Chinese medicine” since ancient times. It has many effects and functions. If it is combined with various drugs, it can play a unique effect together, so it has a good reputation of “four seasons Shenyao”.


Poria cocos are beneficial to water infiltration, invigorating spleen and stomach, calming heart and tranquilizing mind. It is mild in nature, slightly sweet in taste, tonic but not greasy, beneficial but not harmful to the body fluid. It can be used to treat edema, urine, spleen deficiency, diarrhea, restlessness and so on. It is suitable for regulating body deficiency. At ordinary times, the elderly with poor spleen and stomach, poor appetite, frequent diarrhea, long-term melancholy and thinking, and weak limbs can be taken for a long time.


Poria cocos eat a variety of ways, the simplest is porridge. Choose some warm, flat food materials, such as with the role of Tonifying the spleen, Sheng Jin, tonifying the kidney, and poria cocos together with rice porridge. Can also be in the production of rice porridge, add Poria cocos, job’s tears, ginger and other boiled together. Poria cocos and job’s tears have the effect of invigorating the spleen and removing dampness, while ginger can warm the stomach and disperse the cold. Therefore, this porridge can not only help digestion, but also relieve stomach cold. If the Poria cocos and black sesame powder, together with flour to make noodles to eat, there is the effect of raising hair black hair. The above content of

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