steamed rice sounds simple, in fact, there are a lot of attention, the following are steamed rice often make some mistakes, see how many you have made?


have been scouring rice many times. Many people wash rice four or five times, even rubbing and washing, and want to peel the rice. This kind of practice is very undesirable and easy to cause the loss of water-soluble nutrients. There is no need to wash the rice with running water in the process. Stir and wash the rice 1 ~ 2 times in the basin to remove the obvious dust, and then rub it gently with your hands. In addition, free rice in the processing to remove sand and dust, can be directly under the pot.


do not pay attention to the amount of water added. Many people do not pay attention to the amount of water when steaming rice, resulting in either too soft or too hard rice. In order to avoid this situation, it is very important to measure the amount of water added correctly. If steamed white rice, the ratio of rice to water is 1.2 ~ 1.4, and the water is generally 2 ~ 4 cm higher than the rice. If rice is added with coarse grains such as purple rice, sorghum or millet, more water should be added, because coarse grain is very “draughty”.


will be steamed and the pot will be opened immediately. In general, when the electric rice cooker “trips”, it means that the rice is cooked. But if you open the lid to serve rice, you will find that the rice on the surface is very thin, while the bottom of the pot is tightly adhered to a layer of rice. It’s not only impossible for this layer of fried rice noodles to come out, but also very difficult to clean. The correct way is, when the heating switch jumps to the heat preservation switch, do not pull the plug immediately, leave it in the heat preservation state for 5 minutes, after pulling out the plug, let the rice continue to simmer for 5 minutes, so that the steamed rice tastes better, and it is not easy to stick to the pot.

finally, let’s teach you a little trick to make rice more delicious. Before you cover the pot, pour some vegetable oil (olive oil and soybean oil) in the rice and drop a little vinegar. Oil can make cooked rice oil moist and clear, and vinegar can not only protect vitamins, but also make steamed rice soft and fragrant. The above content of

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