There are two ingredients in

orange peel, one is nacotin, the other is orange peel oil. These two ingredients, which come out of the orange peel only after cooking, are especially suitable for people who have a long cough.

salt steamed Orange: cough and phlegm

ingredients: orange, a little salt

method: wash and remove the top of the orange, poke a few times with chopsticks, sprinkle a small amount of salt evenly on the orange meat, then fix the orange top with toothpick, and put it in the bowl. Steam for about 10 minutes in the pot. Peel it out and eat it with the steamed water.

and pepper stewed pear is different, salt steamed orange is suitable for hot cough caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis or lung dryness, the main symptoms are yellowish phlegm, sticky, sore throat, dry mouth, bitter mouth, etc., not suitable for cold cough caused by exogenous wind cold!


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