fish contains omega-3, which is recognized as a nutritional food. And it has a lot of practices, such as braised, stewed, steamed. But in terms of nutrition, steaming is the best and most convenient and time-saving. So, let’s learn how to learn steamed fish today!


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materials: whole bass, fish flavor juice, red pepper, ginger, wine, scallion

1. Preparation materials;

2. Removing scales and gills and viscera of perch;

3. Shredded ginger, chopped scallion and cut into sections, cut red pepper into oblique slices for decoration; use flower knife on both sides of perch;

4. Spread a little wine on both sides of the fish;

5. Spread ginger and scallion, and steam the fish in the pot after the water boils;

6. Steam the fish at maximum heat for 5-6 minutes, turn off the heat, do not open the cover, steam for 5 minutes before leaving the pot;

7. Pour out the soup and remove the shredded ginger and scallion;

8. Spread shredded green onion and red pepper on the fish;

9. Heat the small pot, add appropriate amount of oil and fresh sauce to boil;

10. Pour boiling soy sauce and oil while hot;

1. Make sure to boil the water before putting the fish into the pot. The cooking time of steamed fish is very important. Generally, it can be heated for 6-7 minutes, but not too long, otherwise the meat will be old. Choose the right size fish. It’s better to buy about a kilo of fish. This kind of fish is moderate in size, good in taste, and beautiful in the plate. In the treatment of fish, the viscera of fish were removed, and the spine of fish stomach was cut off from the abdomen, so that the fish could keep its original shape after steaming. When steaming slightly larger fish, two chopsticks can be placed under the fish body, so that the fish can leave the chassis overhead, and the fish body can be cooked quickly in full heat. In addition, steaming larger fish takes a little longer.

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