clams are rich in nutrition and fresh, and


clams live in the shallow sea bottom, and there are many varieties of clams, such as clams, clams, Xishi tongue, etc. Its meat quality is incomparably delicious, known as “the best in the world”, “the crown of all tastes”.


in traditional Chinese medicine believe that clam tastes salty and cold, and has the functions of nourishing yin and moistening dryness, diuresis and detumescence, and softening hardness and dispersing nodules. “Herbal classics” in the record, said: “clam’s nature moistens and helps body fluid, so it can moisten the five viscera, quench thirst, and appetizer. Salt can enter the blood, soft and hard, so the woman’s blood clots and old habits are cold and hot. ”


modern nutrition believes that clams contain protein, fat, carbohydrate, iron, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, vitamins, amino acids and taurine and other ingredients, low caloric energy, high protein, less fat, can prevent and control chronic diseases of middle-aged and elderly people, and is a good seafood with low price. In clam meat and shellfish mollusks, there are two kinds of cholesterol lowering agents, namely, deltai7 cholesterol and 24 methylene cholesterol, which can inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver and accelerate the excretion of cholesterol.

steamed eggs with a few clams taste more fresh.

steamed eggs are a simple family dish. When steaming eggs, put a few clams to make the egg soup more delicious.

clam steamed eggs: after the clam spits the sand, add water to the pot, add two pieces of ginger and green onion, boil over high heat; break the eggs for standby; pour the boiled clam water into the egg liquid and shake it, the ratio of egg to water is 1:1 (the water for boiling clams should be cooled); take a plate, brush a layer of edible oil on the bottom and around the plate, and arrange the clams in the plate; pass the egg liquid over Sift into the plate; do not use too much egg liquid, less than half of clams, so that the steamed egg soup is very good; cover with a layer of plastic film, cool water into the steamer, boil over high heat and turn to medium heat for 10 minutes, then steam.

small tips: how to make clams spit mud?

clams had better be soaked in water one day in advance to spit out the soil. It is very important for clams to spit up all the soil. Moreover, the mud sausage in shellfish should not be eaten to avoid discomfort. When soaking clams, salt or sesame oil can be added appropriately, which can accelerate the speed and effect of clam spitting mud.

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