With the end of the year of

, there are more and more occasions for social intercourse and dining out. If you have high uric acid, you may forget yourself when you are happy. It’s your own fault when you go home. So what are the high purine diets? What else can help you stay away from it? “Life times” invited experts to introduce five tips for diet and recuperation, and no longer fear gout in the new year.

the first move: do not covet delicious food. Professor Cheng Zhifeng, member of the hyperuricemia group of the endocrinology Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, told reporters that purines are mostly found in animal viscera, marine fish and shellfish. Because purine is water-soluble, most of them are dissolved in the soup after cooking, so the purine content in chicken soup, broth and fish soup is relatively high. In addition, the purine of seafood is slightly higher than that of river fish. Oyster sauce, abalone juice, seafood sauce and other fresh seasonings, purine content is also very high, cooking at home or avoid eating. In a word: cut down on broth, fish soup, chicken soup, hot pot soup.

the second move: these kinds of food to touch less. When ordering meals, Cheng Zhifeng indicated that the following foods should be reminded:


, high purine foods (100 mg of purine content per 150~1000 grams of food), and gout people should try to fasting, including animal viscera, mackerel, sardine, fish seeds, scallops, frogs, mussels and so on. Purine foods in


(25-150 mg purine per 100 g food) can be selected for people with gout in remission stage, but the consumption should not be too much. Fresh water fish, eel and beef are recommended for animal food, while dried beans, soybean milk, asparagus, spinach and mushroom are plant-based foods.


are low purine foods (purine content is less than 25 mg per 100 g food), which is suitable for gout people. This kind of food has the majority of milk, egg, coarse grain and almond, walnut and so on. In addition, the purine content in most fruits is less than 0.01 g per 100 g, but the contents of fructose in durian, coconut, litchi, papaya and mango are more than 0.01 g, so we should pay attention to proper consumption.


festival diet should choose the second and the third category as much as possible, eat more freshwater fish, eat less liver, and choose dairy products for drinks.

the third move: eat less sweets, away from sugar. Although high sugar food is hardly concerned from the perspective of purine, studies have shown that drinks containing glucose and fructose can increase the risk of gout. Li Changgui, director of the Department of metabolic diseases of the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College, reminded that although the purine content of honey is very low, only 2.4 mg per 100 g, honey contains more fructose (about 49%), so people with gout and hyperuricemia can only eat honey appropriately. More attention should be paid to sweet drinks and sweets. Keep away from sugary and sugary desserts. Choose foods with nutrition labels and try to choose foods with low carbohydrate content. There are also some “sugar rich” also need to pay attention to, such as concentrated fruit juice, instant powder (coffee), jam, substitute meal energy bar, sour snacks and so on. Because the high calorie environment created by high sugar is not conducive to purine metabolism. The fourth move of


: drink more water and less alcohol. Prof. Cheng Zhifeng: drinking a lot of water or eating food with a lot of water, keeping the daily urine volume above 2000 ml is conducive to the discharge of uric acid. When drinking water, it is better to drink weakly alkaline water, such as natural mineral water, soda water, etc., which contains a variety of minerals, can remove acid metabolites in the human body, improve the constitution of gout patients, and better promote the discharge of uric acid. Alcohol can increase the level of blood lactic acid and uric acid. Drinking 341 ml of beer a day increases the incidence of gout by 50%. Gout patients must control their mouth, try not to drink beer and white wine, if you have to drink the occasion, it is recommended to choose dry red or dry white wine to drink.

the fifth move: reduce purine content in this way. Proper cooking methods can reduce the purine content in food. Purine is a water-soluble substance, which is more soluble in water at high temperature. Therefore, gout patients in the consumption of fish, meat food, can first use boiling water after cooking, this can reduce the purine content of such food, but also reduce the heat. For


, microwave oven, non stick pan and oven are recommended. Gout patients in the diet must control the daily intake of total calories, balance the proportion of nutrients. The use of microwave oven or non stick pot can avoid excessive heat caused by excessive cooking oil and reduce the loss of vitamins. The oven can not only remove the excess oil, but also bake delicious food. In addition, when grilling fish or meat, lay aluminum foil on the bottom of the plate to absorb the dissolved purine and oil, thus reducing the purine content and heat in food. ▲

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